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Syono Shiatsu Neck Massager #syono

 Yes, this is a strange looking product, isn't it? Although it looks awfully peculiar, it's actually a neck massager!
How many of you get soreness along the sides of your neck? I do every now and then. Not fun. I hate it. I was looking forward to trying this Syono Shiatsu Neck Massager out.

Company's Product Description

"The Syono Shiatsu Rolling Neck Massager uses the Eastern practice of pressure massaging to help people relax and cope with issues such as stress, muscle pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression. Neck pain often results from poor posture, bad sleeping positions, and even traumatic injuries. By using the Syono Neck Massager everyday you will break down the injured collagen fibers inside your neck and allow healthy and flexible collagen fibers to take their place."

Basically what you do is put this device around your neck, and while holding the handles, you glide it back and forth. Those little plastic spikey wheels roll on each side of your neck, and break away some of that pent up tension. 
I have a very sensitive neck and when I used this product, I honestly felt like there was a bit too much pressure for me to handle. You can adjust the amount of pressure by simply widening the handles a bit, but even so, I could only do it really, really slowly. 
My husband tried it out and said it feels pretty good on his neck. However, he gets a lot of exercise and can handle a lot more pressure on his muscular neck than I can. I'm happy that he likes the product, so yes this is a keeper! He says it's soothing and he really feels like it is breaking up the knots. Puts him in a more relaxed and better mood after work, so I told him he should continue using it as often as possible. 
Not everyone's neck needs as gentle pressure as I prefer, so this is a good product to try out if you like firmer neck massages. It may just be huge stress reliever for you.


**Disclaimer: I received a Syono Shiatsu Neck Massager for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are solely my own and in no way influenced. **

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