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Smartest Gloves I've Ever Owned from iGotTech #gloves

 Am I the only one who has fingers that tend to freeze up really easily in the cold?
I am a glove fanatic during the cooler months...even when it's not that cold...
The only problem with gloves, and those of you who do wear gloves may share my pain---it's so tough to use smart devices and phones with gloves on! I am actually very surprised at how well these awesome gloves from iGotTech are.
Check em out!

Company's Product Description
  • No more numb fingers in the winter time
  • Premium materials and brushed interior
  • Winter touch screen gloves

I had my son model them since obviously it would be a bit hard for me to wear them and take my pics. Let me tell you---these gloves are VERY comfortable. I put them on and they fit my hands perfectly. They are so warm. I love them.
However, after putting them on, I couldn't see how they would possibly allow me to use my smart devices. I needed proof, so of course I tried them out.

You see those gray areas? Well, they work like magic. Okay, maybe not magic, but somehow although they appear to simply be made out of the same soft, and warm material, you really are able to access your devices. You can swipe the screen, text, flip pages, scroll the internet, and even more in these gloves. 
Amazing. Really. 
My fingers can stay super warm when I'm outdoors and need to get on my phone. Love them so, so much. I need to get a pair for my husband as well.
These ultra cool gloves would make a great gift for anyone, I think. They're great even if you're not going to text. Like I said, they're warm, soft, and super comfy.
Highly, highly recommended. 


**Disclaimer: I received these gloves in exchange for an honest review. All of the opinions stated here are based solely off of my own experience with the product. No other compensation was received. **

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