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Power Tek Headlamp #PowerTek

My husband and I used to be in the house remodeling business together. However, now that I'm pregnant, it's mainly just him and his dad. 
Working on houses is a lot of work and at times, some of the hardest work is done in dim lighting or even darkness. A nice little headlamp was just what he needed. 
He has been using the Power Tek Premium Headlamp.

 It's a small light attached to an adjustable band. Very easy to adjust to the size of your head. 

 This is a view from the top. There are buttons to turn on the white or red lights. 

 When you open the light, there is a battery compartment. Easy to install the batteries.

This is what it looks like on my head. It's not heavy or uncomfortable. That's pretty important to me. 
It fits both my head and my husband's head, which is also important. 
He really likes it because although it is a small light, it is still very bright. He is able to get a lot more done with this headlamp on. He's use to lugging around a big light on an extension cord. He says what a relief it is to own this product. 
We're both very happy with this Power Tek Headlamp.


**Disclaimer: I received a Power Tek headlamp for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are solely my own and in no way influenced. No other compensation was received.**

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