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Peppermint Essential Oil #lalunenaturals

I love aromatherapy. I've mentioned this in previous posts. I have a nice little collection of essential oils that I like to switch around occasionally. 
One of the essential oils that I absolutely love the scent of is my La Lune Naturals Peppermint Oil. 

Company's Product Description

  • Soothe and energize with this oil
  • Can be used for Aromatherapy
  • Can be used for household cleaning
  • Can help to get rid of certain pests 
  • Highly concentrated oil

Did I mention how good it smells?
It does.
This essential oil came in a nice sized, dark colored glass bottle. It is entirely pure and has a cute little label on it.
I have used it for aromatherapy a few times. I try not to really handle any essential oils since I am pregnant, and while there may be some ways to apply this product topically, I will stay awat from that sort of thing until after I have the baby.
For now, I can just put a few drops into the diffuser and let the nice minty aroma fill our house, from room to room.
I have read about many different uses for peppermint oil for those of you who are interested in trying----it can be mixed with other oils to make your own good smelling household cleaner, it can be used to ward off mice, ants, spiders, and a few other pests. It can be used for health purposes, in certain concoctions. (I am not a doctor, so before you use this for any health reasons, I would definitely give your health care practitioner a call first.

I love this oil. I hope it will last till after this pregnancy so that I can try it in several ways that I've read about.
Very nice product. 

**Disclaimer: I received a bottle of La Lune Naturals Peppermint Essential Oil for reviewing purposes. No other compensation was received. **

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