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Onite CoolFlash USB Flash Drive #Onite

As a blogger, I am constantly transferring photos from a variety of devices to my computer. I especially use my phone since I take my phone with me everywhere I go. Before using the Onite CoolFlash USB Flash Drive, it was such a pain to have to email the pictures to myself or upload them to a program, in order to have them transferred to my computer.
I am in love with this little flash drive.

Company's Product Description

This device is compatible with:
Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy SI, Galaxy SII I9100,I9103,9108, Galaxy SIII i9300, Galaxy S4 i9500; Motorola XOOM, TG01, Nokia N8, E7 etc. other Cell Phones and Tablet which support OTG Function

  •  Stylish:portable, lightweight and using the new concept style
  •  Speedy: plug and play, complies with USB2.0 specification, blazing-fast data transmission speeds
  • Safe and reliable:rewritable for one million times, data can be stored for 10 years
  •  Data encryption; entire disk or partition data encryption
  • . You can transfer pictures, music, video and other files

So here is a pic of my handy little Onite CoolFlash USB Flash Drive when connected to my phone. I simply plug it into the same port that I use to charge my phone. It is really easy to use. I can just move any file that I need or want to send to my computer or tablet onto the flash drive and then connect to the other device.

It's a pretty quick process. My laptop automatically detects the USB device once it's plugged in and then I can pick the files that I want to transfer over. I love how easy and fast it is to do this. This cute little device is a lifesaver. I use it practically every single day.
This is a wonderful product and would be a great gift for bloggers, teachers, students, or really just any one who needs an easier way to transfer their files from one device to another, WITHOUT having to email the files to themselves or download a program/app that requires them to upload files. 
I honestly can't find a single thing about this device to complain about.

This Onite USB flash drive is available for purchase on Amazon.

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