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No More Destroyed Delicates or Lost Socks In The Laundry! #laundry

I'm a stay at home mom. I cook, I clean, I home school. My family of two males (my husband and 6 yr old son), and myself go through so much laundry every week. Imagine the amount of lost socks I get almost every time I do laundry. 
Where do they go?

Right, so I finally have found a way to keep all of the socks together. I've been using these great wash bags that I received for review. Not only do I use them to keep the socks together, but they are also great for underwear and other delicates too.

Company's Product Description

  • Made of premium-grade mesh
  • Strong and durable
  • Luxurious and smooth
  • Protects delicates
  • Keeps your socks together in the laundry
  • Dark colors and lights are safely and easily separated
  • Extends life of lingerie and clothing

I've been using these four bags every time I do laundry!
I use one for my kiddo's socks and undies, one for my husband's underwear, one for our socks, and one for my intimates. They are very simple to use and hold quite a bit of clothing in each. I just toss them in the washer with our heaping loads of laundry and wash and dry as usual.
I love how quick and easy these are to use. I love how they keep the clothes separated, but not lost in dryer land. My favorite thing about these bags, however, is the fact that the clothes washed inside of them seem to retain the fresh laundry detergent smell, a lot longer than the rest of the laundry. Love that a lot, actually. 

I'm happy with how well the bags were designed, the materials are obviously great quality, and I expect that they will last a very long time. 
I plan on using these to keep my baby's clothes together after she's born. I would hate to lose her tiny socks and bibs...

I recommend these for those of you out there who also like to keep track of your smaller bits of laundry or your delicate wear, such as underwear, lingerie, bathing suits, etc. These wash bags are definitely worth it.


**Disclaimer: I received a pack of 4 wash bags in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are solely based off of my own experience with the product. No other compensation was received. **

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