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Medium Gauge Celluloid Picks #ceolwavespicks

My husband and I love playing a few different instruments. I can play flute and some keyboard. He can play the guitar and some keyboard as well. 
I was sent a pack of Medium Gauge Celluloid Picks to review and so of course, I handed them over to him to try out since he knows a lot more about picks than I do.

Company's Product Description
  • Good for pros and beginners 
  • 10 medium celluloid picks
  • Comes in a black velvet pouch
  • Can be used with acoustic, classical, bass and electric guitars, mandolin, ukelele, or banjo

Happy that this came in a pack of 10, since well, my husband has a tendency to misplace small objects. I'm serious.

Not too thick, not too thin. Medium is a good size. My husband says that when he first noticed how smooth they were, he was worried he'd lose a grip on them while playing. However, he said he was surprised that the smoothness didn't cause any issues. He said although they are the smoothest picks that he's ever owned, they are very easy to grip and he can play just fine with them. He says the sound quality when he is playing with these picks help produce a nice sound.

 Isn't this a really cute pouch? It's velvet and it's black, and it's great for storing the picks in. Again, I like this because maybe it'll be easier for my husband to keep all of the picks together and not lose them. 

My husband is happy with these picks, and so I'm happy. He owns an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and mandolin and has tried the picks on all of them. 

He really has no complaints. In fact, I've noticed that he uses these picks a lot more often than he uses his others. 
Must mean he really likes them, right?


**Disclaimer: I received these Medium Gauge Celluloid Picks in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated here are based off mine and my husband's own experience with the product. No other compensation was received.**

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