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Loft No. 1 Warm Maple And Rich Vanilla Scented Candle #RedBrickCandle

Company's Product Description

  • Contains 10.9 ounces of premium grade soy based wax 
  • Provides 75-80 hours of clean, even burn time 
  • Rich luxurious scent
  • Wick is all natural and lead free

I love candles, especially big fancy looking candles, like this one. I love the box that it arrived in- very cute packaging. The other cute thing is that it came with a complimentary matching set of matches to light it with.

The candle contains soy wax, which I prefer, when it comes to candles actually. I'm also very happy knowing that the wick is natural and lead free. 

The candle itself smells really nice. I couldn't get enough of the scent. In fact, the entire living room smelled like this candle. It has this warm, relaxing scent. It could also add to a room's atmosphere by giving it a romantic touch. Nice to use for an anniversary, date, or other intimate event. I think it makes such a nice gift for anyone you know who loves candles. 


**Disclaimer: I received a candle for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated here are solely based off of my own experience with this product and are in no way influenced.**

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