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Light Show at Your Own House! #LaserLights

I like outdoor lighting. My grandma is the reason I do. My mom and grandma used to always decorate our front yard so nicely with plants and very nice outdoor lighting. They had these little dome lights that were lined along our windy sidewalk. I always wanted to do the same with my own yard. 
Here is a light that I was sent to try out, outside of my own house. A bit different, but still interesting.

First off, I honestly didn't know exactly what to expect before this light was delivered to my doorstep. I've used outdoor lighting before and I have to admit that this is the most interesting one yet. 

It is a good size and easy to attach the light to the post that you stick in the ground. You simply have to screw it on.

What I like about this light: 
Like I said, good size
Easy to connect to post
Easy to stick into ground
Very cool light pattern- perfect for the holidays or even for an outdoor party, or other evening event
Bright lighting, but not overly bright
Easy to adjust position of lighting
Displays light on a big area if you so desire (simply move it further back)

What I wish was different about this light:
Needs a way longer cord. It was very difficult for me to find a spot in my yard that would reach an outlet, and I don't want to have a long extension cord out there.
Needs to come with the optional remote so that it can be turned off or on. Otherwise, you have to unplug and plug in.
Needs remote so that the patterns can be changed to owner's preference
Not sure how nice this light would be when not used for the holidays. A bit unusual for regular yard lighting, in my opinion.
I think it's actually a pretty neat light to use indoors along a big wall, during a party/get together though.

**Disclaimer: I received a Blue professional Quality Laser Beam Light for reviewing purposes. All opinions you see stated here are based off of my own opinion on this product and in no way are they influenced.**

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