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Let Me Shed Some Light #brightestLEDlantern

I like to keep additional lights around the house. You know why right? Well, sometimes the power might go out due to a bad storm, or maybe we're on a trip and need some extra lighting, camping, taking a night walk, etc, and a small battery powered lantern can really come in handy. 

Nice, right? It's not too big- it's just the right size. Not too heavy or bulky. Easy to install batteries and easy to turn on.
It has a handle that you can lift or lower on the top, as you can see in the photo above.  
When the lamp is turned on, the lighting is very bright. I love how bright it actually gets.

 There is a tiny handle that you can pop out or push back in. This is good in case you need to hang the light from something while working, reading, using as a primary light for any reason really. It simply makes it so that you can use this lantern hands free.

If you unscrew the bottom, you will find the area where the batteries go. Yes, easy to install, like I said, but the product does not come with batteries. It uses those huge D batteries that I never have around the house. I had to go purchase them and I don't think that they're very cheap.
Screwing the lid back on can be a little tricky if you don't just find those little red arrows to use as a guide. If you follow the arrows, it makes it a billion times easier to screw the lid on the right way.

Okay, so yes, this light is great for all of the reasons I stated in the beginning of this post, with the only downfall, in my opinion, being the gigantic batteries that this thing uses. However, it's better than some lanterns that I've owned where you basically have to use around 10 smaller batteries. 
Nice product, just kind of wish it was something that could be charged and then unplugged and ready to use until it needs to be charged again. You know what I'm saying?


**Disclaimer: I received an LED lantern for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed here are solely my own and in no way influenced. **

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