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Holiday Firsts Baby Month Stickers #BabyMonthStickers

Having a baby is exciting! I seriously cannot wait until my baby girl is out of my tummy and into my arms. I definitely want to try and take a ton of photos of her once she is out, like I did with my son when he was a baby. One thing that I wish I had when he was little were Holiday Firsts Baby Month Stickers like the ones that I am going to tell you about.

The ones that I received came in a set of 12, each with a different holiday.

Yes, I know--they're really cute. They're very colorful and nice quality stickers. I also LOVE the size of them. They are rather big, but not too big.

My baby is still in my tummy right now, but I guarantee that these stickers will be put to use. I am going to start up that scrapbook and dedicate a page to each holiday that we celebrate with her during the first year. I can use one of these stickers in the middle of the page, and surround it with our great family photos together. 
These stickers are just a lot of fun and super creative. Would love to have more in the future, perhaps with other sayings on them besides holidays.


**Disclaimer: I received these holiday firsts baby month stickers for reviewing purposes. All of the opinions stated here are based off of my own experience with the product. Absolutely no other compensation was received. **

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