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Gorgeous DIY Flowers From Bloominous #bloominous #diyfloralarrangement

 I have recently come across this great website that has easy DIY floral arrangements kits 
for weddings and events. Flowers are one of the main things that brides focus on for their wedding, right? A lot of them decide to do it themselves in hopes that they will save some money. However, it sure can be a tough and tedious process to find the perfect floral arrangement for their big day. In my mind, that kind of takes away a little bit of the fun of planning for their wedding. Why not find an easier way?? This is exactly what Bloominous had in mind when it started up in 2014. 
Bloominous has a vision and that is: 
to make DIY wedding flowers beautiful, affordable, and easy.

Well, here are some of the advantages of using their services for a wedding or other event:

 Save Money
  •  30%-50% can be saved, off of the bride/host's original budget
  • Each piece is priced lower than most wedding florists' markups

Easy DIY
  • Unlike most DIY floral services, Bloominous provides dethorned, trimmed, and cut-to-order flowers. (Money and time saving!)
  • Each kit also has photo instructions that take you step-by-step through the process. You can arrange the flowers within a matter of 10-20 minutes. There are also tips on how to design the arrangement and how to care for the flowers
High Quality, Professional Design

Each of the collections feature specialty flowers that are designed by a professional florist who has more than 10 years of experience in both event and floral design
  • Bloominous does more than just the flowers. Vases to favors to trends, they will help put together the whole look.

I really believe that their service sounds wonderful. You basically do get a 'florist-right-at-your-fingertips' type of experience. 
The whole thing sounds like it would make any bride/host's planning process a whole lot easier so they can focus on everything else with way less stress. 

You can learn more about Bloominous and start putting your own floral arrangement together 

I also viewed a couple of great videos on youtube from Bloominous, that give you a bit of an idea of the services that they offer:
DIY Centerpiece 

How to Make a Carnation Bouquet

A few last things, in case you were wondering, Bloominous promises each and every one of their customers:
  • You can get a trial kit at cost for your design so you can decide whether or not it is exactly what you had in mind, before you buy the full package.
  • Precise Customization: There are many base packages, but you can also add additional separate pieces to make your design unique to your own taste. 
  • Delivery is guaranteed 2-3 days prior to the event. If for any reason there is a possible delay, they will replicate the order from another flower market and ship it overnight at their cost. 
Wow. Now that sounds like amazing service to me.

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**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.**

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