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In my house, my husband and I are sort of germaphobes, or at least it's what people like to call us. We both have this constant hand washing that goes on daily every single time we touch anything "germy" or dirty, or chemical...etc.
We like to keep a few different types of gloves around the house for when needed. We use some for cleaning around the house, washing dishes that don't go in the dishwasher, cleaning our guinea pigs' cage, and also for handling certain types of food.
Some of the gloves that we use regularly for food handling are these Polyethylene Gloves from Gorilla Supply.

Company's Product Description

  • 500 Disposable Poly PE Gloves Large, Food Grade
  • BPA Free
  • 15 micron thickness LDPE
  • FDA approved
  • Light duty
  • No allergenic
  • 100% latex free
  • Embossed clear

We received 500 large gloves. These are BPA, which is perfect, especially when handling food. Wouldn't want BPA to be leaking into your food, right? I also like that they are non allergenic and 100% percent latex free. Wonderful for people with certain allergies. These gloves are not too thick and slightly bigger than both my hands and my husband's hands. Not too big though. A box of medium sized gloves might actually fit both our hands better.

This is what the polyethylene material that the gloves are made of looks like up close. They have a sort of dotted texture. Perhaps for better grip?
We've both used these gloves for handling foods while cooking, especially when someone is a little under the weather and cooking (that would be me, since I am the main cook for my husband, son, and I. I washed my hands a billion times, but still didn't want to risk getting them sick.) 
We both find that these gloves work rather well when handling breads, veggies, cheeses, deli meats, and mostly dry foods. When handling sticky or really wet foods, these gloves tend to slip a bit and don't work too well. In fact, I wouldn't really recommend these gloves for overly sticky or really moist foods.
I like to use these especially when I'm handling jalapenos, habanero peppers, and other hot peppers, onions, certain fruits, and more. They create a good barrier between those peppers and my fingers. Also great when handling chicken or fish (I'm a vegetarian, but I do make these sorts of foods for my family and I hate touching raw meats/poultry.)
They are single use/disposable.

These are good for cafeterias, catering, parties, fundraisers, bake offs, etc. They come with a great amount of gloves in one box too.


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