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Blown Away By The Graphics and HD Quality On My New Kindle Fire HD 6 #kindlefirehd6

Check out the latest product that I was sent to review. I was so excited because I've always wanted to try it out.
This is the Kindle Fire HD 6.

My Thoughts About The Product

This fire is a HUGE upgrade from the Kindle Keyboard that I used to own. I am actually blown away at how great this little device works.
It's not perfect though.
Let me start with the pros:
-Nice size for reading, videos, and games
-HD quality is great! (One of my favorite things about this product, actually) Gorgeous display and graphics when I watch Netflix, play games, read books, or surf the web
-Very nice sound quality. Gets loud enough without any crackling or breaking up from the speaker
-Easy to navigate
-Easy to learn how to use
-Fast internet, fast video and game playback
-Fast downloads

-Slightly heavy for it's size
-Wish the battery life lasted longer
-Gets a little hot when playing games
-Can't download too many games because the memory size is limited
-Got kicked off of the internet a few times (annoying, but it only happens once in a while)

Overall, I think that for the price that this is listed as, it's definitely worth it. The sound and video quality actually looks better than two of our more expensive tablets. I love that it's portable, even though like I said above, it's a little bit heavy for it's size. One of our bigger tablets actually weighs a little less than this one.
I do love to use this device daily, which is why I wish the battery life lasted a lot longer. It doesn't seem to last the full 8 hours as advertised, but it's probably because I read, play a lot of games and stream a lot of Netflix movies and shows on it. As for the ads on it---they don't bother me much. You just swipe your finger and they're gone. They're more like a lock screen wallpaper and they usually look pretty nice thanks to the beautiful HD quality.
I would like to get the Fire HD with more gigabytes in the future, simply for more space.


**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions that I have expressed here are solely based off of my own experience with the Fire HD 6.**

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