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Want Baby Soft Skin?? Keomi Skincare #NaturalSkincare

You might have heard me complain quite a bit before about getting dry skin during the colder months. Ugh. I hate it. Don't you? Or are you one of the lucky people who doesn't suffer from dry or chapped skin when it starts to get colder? I also tend to wash my hands A LOT and my hands just get even dryer. 
I go through a ton of different moisturizers. I love natural products as most of you know, and Keomi Skincare just so happens to have a product called All Natural Hand Therapy that has made my hands softer and smoother than they've been in a long time. 

 Company's Product Description

*    100% Natural & Vegan
*    Enriched with Shea & Cocoa Butter for maximum moisturizing
*    Infused with Organic Herbs & Plant Extracts
*    Fortified with Multi-Vitamins & Anti Oxidants
*    Scented with Pure Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils

*    No Parabens
*    No Petrochemicals
*    Silicone Free
*    Alcohol Free
*    Gluten Free
*    No Artificial Fragrances

Lightly and naturally scented it is wonderfully fragrant, soothing and calming. nature intended!
My Thoughts

First thoughts about this product? Well, it sure has really cute labeling. I love the little flower on the top. 
Upon opening this product, a really nice scent made it's way up to my nose. The scent is citrus lavender. Mmmmmm. Smells so good, and different. It's enriched with shea and cocoa butter as well as being infused with some herbs and extracts. Very nice. Major points for being fully natural and vegan as well.
There are just so many reasons that I am very pleased with this product. Do you blame me? No only is it chemical free, smells wonderful, and comes in a cute little jar, but it makes my hands so touchably soft, so smooth, so much better looking. Oh my gosh, and if you had seen my hands earlier this winter you would have been shocked, compared to my hands' current condition. I love the way they feel.  I needed this for the winter. This lotion arrived right on time. I will have to hide this one in a drawer or it will definitely disappear right away in my house. Ha. It's mine and I love it. 

Learn more about their products right here and this particular lotion is available for purchase on Amazon.

You can also connect with Keomi Skincare here:

**Disclaimer: I received a jar of Keomi All Natural Hand Therapy Lotion in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated here are solely based off of my own experience with the product. No other compensation was received.**

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