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Liztek PSS-100 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker #PortableWirelessBluetoothSpeaker

Yes I own multiple speakers. I have one in practically every room of the house. Yes they are all portable and wireless. I just like the convenience. 
One of the latest wireless speakers that I use in one room is the Liztek PSS-100 Bluetooth Speaker.

This Bluetooth speaker is available in a few different colors, but the one that I received was black. No problem with that since I absolutely love the color black.

Company's Product Details
  • Portable wireless bluetooth speaker with built in speakerphone
  • 8 hour rechargeable battery 
  • Connect wirelessly up to 33 feet away
  • Seamlessly stream and share music, movies, games, phone and conference calls anywhere
  • Premium sound with bass enhance technology
  • Two powerful 40mm Drivers deliver crisp clean sound with deep bass
  • Built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours of playtime
  •  Built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calling
  • Easy to pair
  •  3.5mm audio line In if you don't have Bluetooth
  • Available in a few different colors

It's not much bigger or smaller than the other Bluetooth wireless speakers that I own and it's also fairly light. There are six buttons on the top. From left to right- phone button for talking on the phone through the speaker, back button, play/pause button, forward button, a lower volume button and a raise volume button. Not too many buttons and easy to use.

There is a small off/on switch, audio in line, and an area that you plug into and charge via USB. You can charge through your computer or wall adapter.

Both the USB cord and audio line in cord are included in the box.

This speaker has great sound quality. I love the way my music, movies, shows, and games sound coming out of this black box. I also like that I can use to answer my phone calls if need be. I can control the volume and skip from one song to the next, all by hitting a few of the buttons on the actual speaker itself. It's very easy to pair too. I love that once set up, re-connecting it with any of my bluetooth devices is literally a breeze. 
The buttons are easy to access and simple to use. It also stays charged for a really long time.
I can take it anywhere with me and listen to my tunes and more :)

This is one of my most loved Bluetooth speakers so far, especially because of its, sound quality, portability, and ease of use.

You can purchase the Liztek PSS-100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon!

**Disclaimer: Since I am an avid blogger/product tester, I received a Liztek Speaker for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are solely my own and in no way influenced.**

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