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Get Shiny Straightened Hair With The Xtava Flat Iron #infrastraightx

You've seen my curls, right?

Yes, they can be unruly and wild, but I love my curls. However, sometimes I'll admit that I like to switch things up and straighten them. This is really not an easy thing since my curls are pretty tight and thick. Finding an iron that can straighten them without having to be used at a really high heat is hard. I hate using really high heat on my hair because it is really damaging. Then, when I wash my hair and leave it natural, it looks like a big mess! 
Therefore, I stopped straightening my hair as often and hoped to find an iron that could be used regularly without frying my locks.

I was given the opportunity to try out the Xtava Infrared Flat Iron.

Company's Product Description
  • Infrared highly efficient heat technology
  • Infrared penetrates the inner layer of the hair strand, heating it from the inside out, which protects the most fragile part of the hair-the cuticle
  • Ceramic tourmaline generates Ionic technology that reduces the hair's surface tension, leaving locks shiny and frizz-free
  • Bigger size, for quicker speed
  • Combines an upper Dual-Plate technology, that maintains even heat across the plates at all times, and an extra wide 2'' bottom Floating plate for optimal coverage
  • InfraRed flat iron features a temperature regulation function to ensure damage free straightening
  • Heats from 265 degrees F to 445 F
  • superior quality ceramic heater enables the flat iron to reach maximum temperature within 90 seconds and allows for quick heat up recovery
  • 360 swivel 8 ft cord
  • Auto shut off function

The carrying case that came with the flat iron is lined with a special heat resistant material and there is a handy little arm strap on the outside to make carrying it around a lot easier

This is what the infrared plate looks like when it is turned on

This little switch that you can move back and forth is to open or lock the flat iron closed

These are the 3 little buttons. The first and second button, from left to right, are to lower or raise the temperature of the iron. The third is the power button

This is the LED screen where you can see the temperature. By the way, this iron does heat up fairly quickly, and yes it can get pretty hot! Luckily, at the tip of the flat iron, on both the top and the bottom, there are these special grips that you can hold onto to keep a lot of that heat off of your fingers

This is me actually using the flat iron. It is slightly wider than the flat irons I usually use, but it's not too wide, which is great. What I also like is the fact that not only does it heat up quickly, but I can also use it at a lower heat than I usually use with other straighteners. It just heats up more evenly. The ceramic tourmaline and infrared technology definitely make a noticeable difference

This is an really good flat iron. I only had to go over each section of hair two times to get it really flat. Since the plates are a bit wider, I was able to go over larger chunks of hair at a time as well.
Now, honestly, it did work a lot better that the two flat irons that I usually use. I payed an arm and a leg for those--one is ceramic and I don't know what the other is, but this Xtava Flat Iron works faster, gets hotter and straightens my hair better, overall. It leaves me hair feeling soft and very shiny. I only had a tiny bit of argan oil left over in my hair from the morning. It did not singe my hair when using, and I was happy with the results. 

I love that I'm able to easily straighten, flip, or even make big curls with this flat iron. It's seriously great.
Do I have any issues with it? Nothing, except that I wish the power cord had a velcro strap to wrap it up when not using. Not too big a deal though.
I would absolutely love to try more Xtava products in the future!

To learn more about Xtava's products, you can click here to visit their website. They have a large variety of beauty and hair products.

**Disclaimer: I received an Xtava Flat Iron in exchange for an honest review. All of the opinions expressed here are solely based off of my own experience with the product. No other compensation was received.**

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