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Fit For We Mommy and Me Water Bottles #FitforWeMommyMeWaterBottles

I'm a water-holic. My main drink of choice has been water for several years. I don't drink soda, occasionally I'll have a cup of juice or two, and I also drink almond or coconut milk or herbal tea/coffee.
Still, I mostly drink a ton of water every single day. Now, that I'm pregnant, I drink even more.
I hate carrying around and wasting a ton of plastic bottles. Instead, I prefer to have my own refillable water bottle to take with me wherever I go. My son has picked up my habit and loves to do the same. 

Company's Product Description

  • Safe to Use: Non-toxic, made with durable Eastman Tritan, a clear BPA free co-polyester, tested to be FDA safe for use with beverages
  • Shatter Proof
  • Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
  • Easy to Use: Flip open cap with push button lid makes it easy for kids to use. Small finger-loop for easy carrying
  • Snap top lid ensures that these bottles will be Leak-proof
  •  Lightweight 
  • Fun to Use: Enjoy with your child at Exercise Class, at Mommy and Me Class and absolutely ANYWHERE
I like the pretty, bright neon pink :)

There is a little metal "lock" that you can lift up when not using the bottle

This is the back view. There is a small plastic ring that you can hold the bottle from or I guess attach to something if you wanted to?

Ok, so after you unlatch the metal wire lock, you push the little white button

The lid pops open, revealing the mouth piece

Take off the lid and there is a plastic filter. This is great, especially if you have ice cubes inside, so that they won't block the water flow. I think it's also great if you decide you want to add a few slices of cucumber or lemon inside as well

I think it's a great idea to have matching bottles for a parent and their child and "Mommy and Me" sounds cute. I like the size of both bottles and the fact that they are extremely light weight, even when full. 
I like the latch idea to keep it locked when not using. 
I love that they are BPA free and shatterproof.
I love that they are dishwasher safe.

Sadly, and this only seemed to happen to mine. I was using mine for a few weeks and I was drinking out of it and opening it every couple of hours to refill, and my lid broke. The hinge broke apart. Now, maybe it's my own fault-perhaps I was handling it too roughly?
I don't know, but it did break. Luckily, the one that my son uses is just fine. This is why I blame myself, and not necessarily the product itself. 

Other than that, I think it's a really good way to get your kiddos into drinking more water. It's fun. Kids like to have their own things, and be independent as they get older, so yes this is a nice product. 


**Disclaimer: I received these Mommy and Me Water Bottles in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own and in no way influenced. No other compensation was received.**

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