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Etekcity Essentials 8 GB USB Voice Recorder #etekcity

I love to try out new electronic devices. Do you remember those old cassette tape voice recorders? I used to own two of those years ago. I used them in school pretty often. Well, these days, tapes are pretty outdated. Now there are Voice Recorders that can transmit voice files to your computer via USB.
I received one from Eteckcity to review recently. 

Company's Product Description

  • Voice recorder/Hidden recording + U disk function/8 GB Memory
  • Easy to use On/Off switch; just plug-and-play, no drive need
  • Great for classes, lectures, meetings, interviews and the like
  • Mini portable size design brings you much more convenience
  • Low power consumption, lasts up to 15 hrs. on a single charge

There is a mic on one side, along with a record and stop switch. You can attach this to your keychain, along the metal loop on the edge.

I was happy when I first received this product because I thought it would be a great device to carry around with me when I want to record any thoughts or ideas that pop into my head when I'm out and about. My husband and I are writers and a voice recorder can always come in handy. I thought it would also be great to quickly list things about products that I blog about. I figured I could say some things about the products when I don' t have a computer around and then later I could connect to my computer, hear my notes, and jot things down in my blog.

I have only been able to record things when it is plugged in. It never has held a charge when it is not plugged in. The device I received does record quite a bit. I guess it's okay if I want to be able to record a conversation while I'm at my computer, but I really hoped it was something more mobile. 
The sound quality of the things that it did record me saying were easy to understand and clear. It was easy to find and access the files on my computer as well.

This product is available for purchase here on Amazon

**Disclaimer: I received an Etekcity UR 8 GB USB Audio Recorder in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are solely based off of my own experience with the product. No other compensation was received.**

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