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Bo-Po Nail Polish For Kids #bo_po

If you know any kids like my niece, then they probably like to paint their nails. That's fun and all, but not the fact that many of those nail polishes out there are horribly toxic and not a great idea for little kids to be using. 
This product that I was sent recently called Bo-Po Nail Polish is the perfect alternative.
What does Bo-Po stand for??? Brush on, Peel off!

Company Product Details

  • Great for kids 3 and up
  • Comes in 10 colors
  • Does not contain any harmful odors or chemicals
  • No need for harsh Acetone polish removers
  • Dries in 60 seconds
  • Can be peeled off when dry
  • Spill-proof bottle- won't spill even if tipped upside down

My Thoughts

After reading everything there in the description of the product, doesn't it sound perfect for little kids?? I received a light pink and light blue, both pretty colors. Would love to try the other colors as well. My niece loved using both colors on her nails and thought it was a lot of fun.

I love the cute little bottles that the nail polish comes in and I like that it's actually spill-proof!
That's perfect because aren't kids pretty prone to accidentally spilling things all the time? Alright, alright, I do it too...
I LOVE that it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals or smell and of course I'm happy that it just peels right off. I hate using nail polish remover, especially on little ones.
It's great that it dries super quickly since most kids, well at least the ones that I know, can't sit still long enough for regular nail polish to dry. This one dries in about a minute. Best part? Peel it off whenever you want it off!
This is such a neat product. Even though it's geared toward kids, I'm not going to lie---it's fun for us adults to use too...

Here's a coupon code for you to use at checkout on the site:   bo-pofun25
You'll get an additional 25% off!

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**Disclaimer: I received two Bo-Po Nail Polishes in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. All words expressed here are solely based off of my own experience with the product**

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