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Another Week Has Passed #22weekspregnant #pregnancyjournal #pregnancyjourney

The big 22! Haha. It seems like only yesterday I found out I was pregnant. Not. It has been a longer journey for me since I found out so early. I thought I was five weeks, only to find out that I was 3. So yes, it has been a little long, but now I have only 18 more weeks to go. I can do this.

If you look closely at my belly, the top part seems to be growing a little faster than the bottom. A bit funny looking, but I'm sure it'll even out soon. 
Nausea, nausea, and more nausea!! My MIL made sirloin burgers for her husband and herself while I was cooking dinner for my husband, son, and I, and I had to run to the bathroom and puke. The smell of beef or any other animal, minus eggs, still triggers my gag reflex. Ugh. So over the morning sickness.
I finally broke down and bought Preggie Pop Drops and Preggie Natural Chews. Hoping maybe they'll do something. ANYTHING is better than nothing.

The baby kicked my husband's hand the other night and it was so hard. It surprised us both so much but we loved it. 
Can't wait to see her! 
We have another child birthing class tonight and a doctor's appointment to check on our baby girl tomorrow morning. Updates next week!

Baby's Progress
I can't believe she's about 1 whole pound now, and 11 inches from head to toe. If I were able to look inside my tummy, I'd be able to see that her eyelids, brows, and her lips are showing more now. I wonder what color her eyes will be...

#22weekspregnant #pregnancyjournal #pregnancyjourney #secondtrimester

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