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19 weeks Pregnant #pregnancyjourney #pregnancyjournal

Oh my gosh--I'm getting closer to the halfway mark! Finally! 
Guess what? I've gained around 5-6 pounds. I'm seeing it and feeling it. Clothes fit even tighter. I'm not anywhere near as big as I was at this stage with my son. Might have mentioned this before, not sure, but I don't eat the way I did 6 yrs ago when I was pregnant with my son either. I'm still only eating lacto-vegetarian meals. Oh yeah-and I found out that my baby doesn't care much for many sweets either. Bye bye cookies and cake. Lol. That's ok. I don't need them anyway. Maybe I'll be able to take a tiny bit of my birthday cake in February, maybe not.

Morning sickness has showed up again a few times, not as bad as before, but not much fun either. I've been achy, tired, cranky, feeling A LOT of movement. She moves a lot when she hears her daddy's voice and feels the pressure of his hand on my tummy.
My son is adorable. He has been trying to pick toys, books, and even songs that he's going to share with his little sister. He's literally thrilled. 

Other than that, yes round ligament pain. Yes, a few leg cramps, but I'm increasing my calcium and potassium intake through almond milk and bananas. 
Can't wait to get through this week!

Baby's Progress
My baby girl weighs somewhere around 8.5 oz and she's about 6 inches from head to toe. She's about the size of a tomato.

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