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#TossTheTube with Scott Naturals Toilet Paper!

Do you like doing things for the environment? My family does!
We try to recycle as often as possible and use glass cloth products instead of products that are bad for the environment. Have you ever heard of Scotts Naturals Toilet Paper?
Well guess what!
They now have a tube-free version of toilet paper available!
It's great because it is better than wasting a ton of extra paper rolls in ever toilet paper roll. Do you know how many toilet paper rolls are actually thrown away every single day?? A LOT!

I've been using Scotts Naturals Tube-free toilet paper and let me tell you--I'm sure happy that I am. I love to try and help the environment be a cleaner and healthier place so when I found out that this toilet paper was tube-less, I was happy to get some. I like that the quality of the paper is really good too. It's so soft and nice. The only difference is the lack of a tube, which is perfectly fine with me. Who needs the tube anyway, right? 

My family was pleased with this toilet paper and  I plan on purchasing this particular pack again as soon as we run out. 


**Disclaimer: I was sent a pack of Scott Naturals Tube-Free Toilet Paper for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are based solely off of my own experience with the product. No other compensation was received.**

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