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The Natural Pregnancy Book #pregnancy

Title: The Natural Pregnancy Book 
Author: Aviva Jill Romm

Yes, I'm pregnant. Yes, I love to read as many books as I can about pregnancy. Pregnancy can be an amazing journey.
This book is not your typical pregnancy book. It has all kinds of different, more holistic options and approaches to all things related to pregnancy. I have always wanted to read this sort of book since I am very interested in organic and natural remedies and alternatives.
I read this book from beginning to end, in a few weeks. It took me longer to read simply because I was having terrible morning sickness and didn't feel like doing much some days. It was nice to read some more natural remedies and suggestions on how to treat my morning sickness, actually. Helped me get through some of it. In fact, I really enjoyed reading this book, because there are a lot of different things throughout this book about being pregnant that I would have never known or even considered. I don't entirely think that I would try every single remedy or approach in this book, simply because I don't know enough about the safety of some of the herbs used. However, this book does give you a lot of things to think about in regards to how to take the best care of yourself while pregnant, the types of foods you should and should not eat, health issues/common complaints that you may experience during pregnancy, and more. So much information within those pages! I was very into this book and highly recommend this book to any expecting moms, women looking to become pregnant, for husbands/boyfriends, for grandparents, or just anyone really wanting to know more about natural options during pregnancy.


**Disclaimer: I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.**

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