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Surprise Someone With an Argan-Oil Infused Gift Set!

 Company's Product Details
  • Each cream carries 10% pure organic argan oil to increase skin hydration, softening and protection with the natural potent benefits of cold-pressed, co-oporative produced organic argan oil - Lip Balm and Sugar Scrub infused with Argan oil to increase skin and lip health and softness - Essential oils added for scent and additional skin and body benefits.
  • This Luxury skin care collection includes Six (6) Silken Gold products to make your love swoon: One ounce each of our 1) Pure Organic Argan Oil, 2) Lavender-Scented Night Cream to help her relax into sleep, 3) Honeysuckle-Scented Day Cream to awaken her gently; 4)Two of our Argan-Infused Lip Balms, and 5) 2 full ounces of luxurious Lumineux Luxe: our any-time triple-rich nourishing Body Cream with extra Vitamin E - and 6) a Bonus Sugar Scrub.
  • Elegantly packaged for instant giving

My Thoughts
My box arrived with  tiny dried petals inside and smelled so good when opened. 
Everything came inside of pretty little yellow gift bags. Both the petals and the gift bags were a very nice touch. 
I was excited to try everything.

I've mainly been using the brown sugar fig scrub, which not only smells great,but it exfoliates my skin nicely and leaves it ultra smooth and soft to the touch. Also, it doesn't dry it out one bit.

The second thing that I use the most in this box is the Argan oil. I like to use it on my hair to make my curls look and feel pretty, and as a makeup remover. Argan oil is also fantastic for dry skin anywhere and for nails too.

I love the lip balms that came inside as well. My lips are smoother and softer, less chapped.

The night cream, day cream, and body cream all smell amazing and all three leave my skin moisturized and baby soft.

I'm happy with every single product inside of this box. They all have that perfect scent and all work so well on my hair and skin. I only wish that I had bigger containers of everything so that they could last for a really long time.
This is a perfect gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays, etc.

Disclaimer: I received a gift set for reviewing purposes. All of the opinions expressed here are solely based off of my own experience and in no way influenced.

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