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Rear View Monitor Mirror #monitormirror

Alright, so during this Christmas season, like most other Christmas seasons, I do most of my shopping online. Problem is, I don't want any of my relatives to see what I'm buying them. Don't want to ruin the surprise!
So, I've been using this interesting little product called the Rear View Monitor Mirror.

The name says it all---it's literally a rear view mirror for your computer monitor. It's not very big, but also not too small. It's made out of plastic

There is a small flap beneath it. This is the part that hangs over the back of your computer monitor when it is sitting on top. It feels like it's made of neoprene or some kind of rubber. It's soft and flexible.

 This is how it looks when it's sitting on top of the computer. It sits in place. You can see pretty well behind you while it's there.

This is how it looks from a top/side angle on top of my super thin laptop.

Overall, it's a really simple to use product. You just lift the flap and place atop your computer. Mine has never fallen off while in place. It's very light weight too.
This is a good product to have at the office, when working, or just at home, so you can know if someone is doing something behind you. Also good so you can make sure no one is sneaking up on you for any reason.

You can purchase your own Rear View Monitor Mirror here.

**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions here are based solely off of my own experience with the product. No other compensation was received.**

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