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Get A Little More Eco Friendly in The Kitchen #abundantchef #bamboocuttingboards

I cook several times a day. I have always been a fruit and veggie kind of gal, but now that I'm pregnant, I crave more and more fruits and veggies every single day. The fun part? Cutting them up! Ok, not very fun, but I do love to cut them up on these really nice looking, high quality cutting boards from Abundant Chef.

Company's Product Description
  • Ultra thick to prevent cracking or breaking or warping
  • Made with eco-friendly, bacteria resistant, highly compressed, Moso bamboo Large 13X 9.5 in, Medium 11 X 8.5 in and Small 8.5 X 6.1 in- all 7/10 inches thick!
  • Natural Bamboo will allow your knives to stay sharp!
  • Easy to wash and maintain with hot soapy water. Occasional application of food grade mineral oil is recommended
  • Strong as wood, cleaner than plastic, gentler on knives than glass or marble


They are very sturdy and thick. I love that they are made of bamboo. These truly are better than wood boards that splinter and split, and plastic boards--well because they're plastic and when you slice up foods on plastic you sometimes get tiny bits of plastic on your food. Yuck and they get full of bacteria and whatnot. These cutting boards are perfect since they are bacteria resistant. This is necessary since food is always touching the surface. 
They are very easy to hand wash with hot soapy water and a sponge. I wouldn't recommend they be put in the dishwasher which will make them wear out quicker. 
What else do I love about these boards? They come in three different sizes. Perfect for when you have more than one thing to cut up and don't want to cross contaminate, or also good when you only need a particular size. Say you only need to cut up something small, like cheese or an apple-then use the small. Have a ton of veggies or bread to cut up? Use one of the larger ones.

I have been using Abundant Chef's Cutting Board Oil to keep these boards looking their best. Perfect gift for foodies and chefs, moms and dads, or anyone who spends a lot of time cooking.
And oh yeah. they're eco friendly too!


Disclaimer: I received a set of these Abundant Chef Premium Bamboo Cutting Board in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and in no way influenced. 

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