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Just In Time For The Holidays-Micro LED 60 White String Lights #RTGSproducts

I love the holidays!! Especially decorating the house and the tree. 
Do you and your family decorate together? We do every year.
I remember as a child one of my favorite things to do during the holidays was to go look at the lights around the neighborhood. So much fun. I also loved visiting friends and relatives and seeing all of their decorations both inside the house and out.
I have seen so many different kinds of string lights but the ones that I recently was sent are some of the tiniest, but very cool lights that I've ever owned.

Rtgs Micro LED 60 Warm White Color String Lights
Company's Product Description
  • White color LED
  • 21 feet long
  • 4 in distance between lights
  • Have Over 20 Years of Life Span and Use Fraction of Energy Needed by Regular Light Strings
  • Ultra Thin, Bendable but Sturdy Wire with LED Lights is Totally Submersible but NOT BATTERY BOX
  • Indoor and Outdoor Weatherproof Black Battery Box with with 6 Hours "ON" and 18 Hours "OFF" 
  •  Has Locking Clips to Easy Open and Close the Box
  • Have 8 operating functions that can be activated by pressing button consecutively : 1. Combination 2. In Wave 3. Sequential 4. Slow Fade / Every Other Light 5. Chasing / Flash 6. Slow Fade / All Lights 7. Twinkle / Flash 8. Steady On 9. Off

See how tiny the lights are? So adorably tiny, but extremely bright!

My Thoughts
 First off, when these arrived, I read that they needed a total of 6 AA batteries, which I was kind of not too happy about since the lights look ultra mini.
However, after putting in three and searching all over the house for 3 more, and finding none, I accidentally pushed the button on the box.
Guess what happened.
The lights turned on! I thought it was strange, but believe me, I was not complaining one bit!

So I cycled through each of the functions available and was seriously fascinated by just how super bright these minuscule lights are. It was very surprising. My son came in while I was trying them out, and of course, he wanted to mess with them too.
So here is what happened next:

Yes, he decided to become a Christmas decoration. Haha. Then he went through each function and had a great time.
After that, I told him that we should string them along a window and see how they would look. 
Here is the end result of that:

I was still in awe of how bright they got when turned on. I love all of the functions, except that I noticed two of the functions are the same. 
Eh, that's fine, since the other functions are all really entertaining to look at.

I love the length of the string lights. I could wrap it more than a few times around a tree, furniture, decorations, or another person, if I wanted to. Even better---the wire is flexible and can be shaped a bit!
They look great when in use. I wish they had the ability to play music that they could follow the rhythm too. (I've owned lights like that and think they are great.)

Any way,
Although these lights are incapable of reacting to music patterns or play their own music, I still think they are awesome. 
The only thing that I have not tried is submerging them in water, since according to the description, this is possible.
And no, they don't just have to be used for Christmas. You can use them to light up any area of the house. You can use them with a costume for Halloween, you can use them as a short term night light in a kids room. You could keep them handy in case you need a little bit of light for one reason or another.
Love these lights.

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