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Brain Fitness Shell Game--Fun Game for Your Mind

Keeping up with my posts? Well, then you already know how much I love games from Thinkfun. They have an excellent selection of games to play solo, or you can take turns with another person. The best thing about every single one of the Thinkfun games that my family and I have played is they're great for your brain!

Company's Product Description

  • Fun exercise for your brain!
  • Improves Memory
  • Builds logic skills
  • A fun twist on a classic play pattern!
  • Includes: Spiral-bound Challenge Booklet with 60 challenges from Beginner to Expert, 6 Sea Shells, 6 Hermit Crabs, 3 Ocean Stones

My Thoughts
My son is always the first one to try out the games that I receive. He loves trying all kinds of games, especially brain games. Yes, he's only six, but he's a brainiac. He popped open this game and then we read the manual together. I explained the game to him and he was ready to play.

  This particular game is a game that helps you test and also improve your memory skills as well as helping you speed up the way that you think.
It's kind of like that game that you play with the 3 cups and a ball or a coin. You know--the one where the person plays one object under a cup and then switches all of the cups around and you have to guess which cup the object is in when done.
It's somewhat like that except it is made to where you can play alone, or like you could do what my son and I did and take turns.
This is a beginner challenge in the booklet. The object on this page is to place the red hermit crab (letter A) on the first circle, and 3 grey stones on the other three spots.

Here is a visual for you (above)

 Next you place the cute little shells over the objects.
Do you see those brownish curved lines underneath each shell? Well, you have to now switch the shells from one space to another but you can only switch one shell to another if they are connected by a line!

 You have to switch them around until you get the picture at the bottom of the page, where now the red hermit crab (letter A) is now at the end.
This one was particularly simple. My son did it right away and then we took turns. The levels start at beginner, all the way to expert level, so yes, you will definitely be challenged.

 Here's a pic of what one of the hardest levels looks like. Wow, right? This challenge is really difficult for me, and my son couldn't get it either. I'll keep trying until I get it right.

The Shell Game, for me, is very new and a really fun game idea. It's wonderful that it is good for your brain, therefore, good for your health. It'll help you relax a bit, learn how to focus better, and seriously improve your memorization skills.
These kinds of games are important to me. They keep my brain functioning well and keep it young.
My family and I play this game often and it's actually got to be one of my favorites out of all of the Thinkfun games that I've tried.

I even got my niece playing this game as well! She thought it was hard but a lot of fun.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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