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Pregnant With Baby #2! 5 Weeks Pregnant CORRECTION 4 WEEKS PREGNANT

Alright, so although I normally do product reviews and giveaways and a little bit of rambling, I thought that I would also add in my pregnancy journey.
I am pregnant with baby number 2!
My first child is six years old so it's been a little while since I've been pregnant. 

I only found out that I was pregnant a few days ago.
I am going on 6 weeks, which may be a little off since I don't have a normal cycle. Mine is about a 34 day cycle instead of the average 28 cycle that many women have. 
I won't find out exactly how far along I am until a few more days during my next sonogram when the baby can actually be seen. 

Let me rewind back a little bit to when I started to actually suspect that I was pregnant. 
Okay, well a few weeks ago I went to visit my grandmother at her nursing home. The first thing she said to me was, "Mija, are you pregnant?" I laughed it off and said, "Uh, no Grandma, but maybe some day." (I was probably about 2 weeks when she told me this!) She asks, "Are you sure?" Anyway, I remember she did the same thing with my first child so the thought was stuck in my head for days after that. 
Then, I started having dreams about having a little baby with me and my husband. I also kept having this thought---"You're pregnant, you're pregnant, You're pregnant..." I just kept saying to myself, "Nope, AF is right around the corner."
Then I received a box in the mail from a random company sending me a box full of samples of prenatal vitamins. This was odd because I hadn't been asked to review any, nor had I ordered them. I had won a giveaway from them in the past, but had received my prize months ago. For some reason these products just arrived. After posting it on my facebook and voicing how odd it was, another blogger said to me, "Maybe they know something you don't."
Made me laugh again.
Well, AF never showed up and a few days later, I had a dream about my grandmother saying, "Don't forget to take a test." Enough was enough. There were too many signs everywhere. So I mustered up the courage super early in the morning when everyone in the house was sleeping and took a test that I just so happened to have. 
Positive in a matter of seconds!!

I thought I was dreaming. I stared at the test for a good 15 minutes before calling my mom and whispering what had just happened. I needed to know I was awake. I didn't know what to say to my husband. I started crying from excitement, anxiety, and a little fear. Just because it was such a surprise, despite all of the signs the universe was sending my way.

Cried on the way back to the room, woke up my sleeping husband, and handed him the test. He had to take a double look and says, "Babe, why are you crying? Aren't you happy?" I was, like I said I was just so surprised!.
 We stayed up for the rest of the morning talking about how amazing this was and he was all kisses and hugs...
A few hours passed and I still wasn't 100% convinced. "Please go buy more tests so I can see what they say." I've heard about rare cases and I just thought although rare, what if I had a fluke test?? 
Test came out positive in a matter of seconds again!
Since I'm very close to my OB/GYN, who not only delivered my son but has also been my doctor for 6 yrs now, he scheduled me in first thing the next morning and offered an ultrasound. 
Things were already going so quickly. Went to see him the next morning, another positive test and a sonogram. Found out I was around 5 weeks, possibly a few days off, since on the ultrasound you could only see a little white dot. 
I found out around the same time with my son so couldn't really see him in the first one either. 
I got all my blood work done as well and some scripts for anti nausea pills and prenatal vitamins. Scheduled to see him in a week to try and see the baby again and find out exactly how far along by the baby's size. 
I've been feeling very exhausted and sore bbs, a little moody, some bloating, and a little bit of nausea (not much morning sickness yet)
OMG my husband and I are soooo excited. We were planning on trying to get pregnant a few years from now, but apparently the Universe had different plans for us and we are just going to go with it and enjoy the ride!
Here is my first progress pic and I am going to try and post a new one each week.

Alright, so it's not the most flattering photo, as you can notice the bloating already, but I want to keep track of just how big I'm going to get :)

How soon did you find out you were pregnant?
Did you have any symptoms before finding out?
Let me know in the comment section below!!

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