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Etekcity Scroll E1 Wireless Mouse Review

I'm a blogger and a writer, so I'm constantly on my laptop. My fingers get really tired of gliding across the touchpad. In fact, I honestly can't stand the feeling of them doing this for hours. This is why I prefer to use a mouse alongside my computer.
I have tried a few different brands of wireless mice but the one that I am currently using is from Etekcity. 

Company's Product Description
  • 1600DPI
  • Ergonomic 
  • USB 
  • Optical Gaming Mouse 
  • 30ft Range
  • Mini 2.4GHz Receiver
  • High-resolution sensor
  • Comfortable right-handed design with customizable backward/forward thumb buttons
  • Plug and play, compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OSX

My Thoughts
The Etekcity Scroll E1 Wireless Mouse is by the far the nicest wireless mouse that I've owned. 
As you can see in the picture above, all you need in order to set it up is the tiny USB card and the mouse (with a couple of AAA batteries that were included). All I had to do was plug the USB card into one of my laptop's USB slots and turned on the mouse. After turning it on, my computer automatically recognized the device and installed any necessary drivers. The mouse was available for use in a matter of a few minutes. 

I was in need of a mouse like this one. It is the perfect size. It is ergonomical--very comfortable underneath my hand. It slides across my mouse pad really smoothly.
I love that it has side buttons that can switch backward and forward from page to page on the internet. The two buttons are conveniently located on the left side where my thumb rests.

 Another very nice thing about this mouse is the fact that you can store the little USB card in the bottom part of the mouse when not in use. 

On the left is a picture of where you store the USB card underneath the mouse and on the right, the card is inserted into the mouse. 

I'm extremely happy with how smooth this mouse works. The scroll button on top is also in a convenient spot near where my middle finger rests and therefore can be easily accessed to scroll up and down pages that I am reading. If you click the scroll button you are able to also move the entire page. There is a small silver DPI button below the scroll button that allows you to change the sensitivity of  the mouse. I like this function a lot and think it was a great idea because not everyone likes their mouse to be as sensitive. 
This mouse is perfect for blogging, surfing the web, and definitely great for gaming. No worrying about any cords either since it's wireless.

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