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7 weeks Pregnant Update

Oh my gosh! Morning sickness is THE worst. It was so hard for me to eat a full meal, nonetheless be near food the entire week. I can't touch or get close to fish, pork, or chicken without wanting to puke. 
With my son, I had a couple of days of morning sickness but couldn't stand chicken the whole pregnancy. I felt the need to vomit maybe 2 or 3 times throughout the entire pregnancy.
This time??
No, no, no. 
I don't even want to discuss how many times I've had to run to the bathroom. 
Not fun. 
I actually lost around 5 pounds because practically everything I tried to eat was awful.
Bland foods (crackers, white rice, stuffing, bread) and water or sour lemonade and a few hot cheetos were all I could stomach. Why hot cheetos?? Ask the baby. I don't know. I would cravings for other stuff but couldn't eat them. So sad that I couldn't enjoy my regular fruit/veggie smoothies and super salads I used to love eating every single day...
Hardest week so far.
I felt or actually I should say I still feel super tired after following my normal routine. Normally my son and I take walks to the nearby park daily, but the walks have gotten slightly more exhausting. 
What else?
I wake up with a small tummy and as the day progresses I start to inflate like a balloon and look  months pregnant by evening time. 
I've also had the familiar stretching and pulling in my sides every time I get up to fast or turn over wrong. Ligaments being pulled. I noticed that I am feeling things a lot more intensely than I did with my son, but I've read and also been told that it's common in second and third and so on...pregnancies since your body already knows how to prepare for a baby.

I'm still very excited, but just hoping to finally be over the morning sickness!


halfway through the day...

I will be posting up an 8 week update soon since I posted this one a little late. Sorry guys, it's been a pretty busy week.
Sonogram in less than 2 weeks yay!!

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