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Oh man, it was such an exhausting week. I can't believe just how tired I felt, well I should say feel, not felt, because I still feel this way. Everything that I am used to normally doing each day makes me feel so tired, so drained. I have been staying active, but trying not to be too hard on my self when I can't do certain things. I'm trying to rest as much as possible too.
I'm still eating healthy. My husband is being really great and keeps buying me fresh veggies and fruits and helping me around the house more, even when he's been working all day. 

Anything new???
Well, I feel ultra bloated. Yeah. It's already happening. LOL. I zipped up one of my zip up hoodies the other day and the zipper literally busted open. My son nearly spit out his food because he was laughing so hard. It was funny, but not to funny....
I haven't gained much, and I don't expect to yet since I'm still pretty early, but like I said, yes I am bloated. I've been wearing a lot of comfortable leggings out and pajama pants around the house. As for sleeping, it's getting better for now. I don't wake up every hour but I do wake up to use the bathroom every so often. I'm also going to bed a bit earlier than usual so I can get a few extra hours of sleep. 
I've been moody. I've been sad and happy all at once. I've been craving a huge turkey burger and nearly cried because I couldn't get one. HAHA laugh at me. I did. I didn't actually cry but I did feel a tear or two about to come out...

No intense morning sickness, just some light headedness when standing up too quickly and some pulling in my ligaments when I sneeze or cough or also get up too quickly. I don't like that feeling much, but I know it's pretty normal and my body is just preparing itself for this new little life inside. 

Okay, well enough for now. Here is a picture update. Like I said the bloating is continuing.

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