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Victoria Secret Sport Vox Box Review #VSSportBra #influenster

I'm active. I love to exercise and I love to dance. I have been looking for the perfect sports bra for YEARS. I'm dead serious.
I have gone through so many different brands and styles and they have all seemed to either be unattractive, or made from poor quality material that either tears or doesn't last long, or doesn't have enough support. 
I think that I may have finally found the best sports bra EVER.

As a member of Influenster, I sometimes get voxboxes filled with a variety of products. Well, this latest voxbox that I received has got to be my all time favorite. 
I was sent the #VSSportBra voxbox and check out what was inside:

There was the VS Incredible Sports Bra, VS Knockout Crop Workout Pants, a stack of coupons to share and some info on the VSX line.

Here's the full workout outfit

I was thrilled and hurried to try it all on. Sadly, this is what happened:
The pants fit perfectly, but the bra DID NOT. See this is the thing, I had never gotten an actual fitting prior to receiving this and so I'm guessing that when I filled out the survey I must have entered the wrong size. I sometimes wear a 34C and a 32D, it really just depends on the style of bra.
The one I received was a 32D and although cute, it was the wrong size.
So, the card that was sent to me said that I could visit my nearest Victoria's Secret location and exchange for a bra in my size. This is what I did.

Nightmare #2:
I walked in and was really disappointed about the whole situation. Not only did the cashier REFUSE to exchange my sports bra, but she also had no idea what Influenster was. I tried to explain to her about how I am a blogger who does product reviews and all about the Influenster program and that I've been doing this for several years, blah blah blah...and I also showed her the little cards that came in my voxbox that said I could come in and exchange my sports bra. (Keep in mind that it still had the tag on it too)
 Then she was very rude and I wanted to speak to the manager. I won't go into details about everything that was said because it would take several paragraphs, but her manager was rude to me as well. She talked to me in a sarcastic manner and also REFUSED to exchange my sports bra. She also told me that if I wanted to exchange it, I should have kept the receipt. I explained everything about Influenster as I did with the sales associate and she told me that "WE don't do that here. You NEED to contact Influenster and tell them that!" She said, "If you want to exchange it, we will give you the lowest price (which ended up being about half the regular price) and you will NEED to pay the difference." 
Let me just say that I was not a happy camper. I was extremely annoyed at the way I was being spoken to, there was a pretty long line behind me, and nothing was getting accomplished. 
Anyway, to make a long story short, I ended up walking out of the store, nearly crying because I was so upset.

I contacted corporate and the regional and GM. The situation was dealt with immediately and I was reassured that I could return to the same location and exchange my sports bra with no future issues.
Needless to say, I was not looking forward to returning to the same store, but I was really hoping to get a sports bra that would fit. 
A few days later, I returned with my husband at my side.
I walked in and was greeted by a really friendly sales associate that wasn't there on my previous visit. I asked her if I could please get a fitting and she was really nice and helpful. She measured me quickly and even brought me a few different styles of sports bras to try and they were the exact measurement she had suggested. I was really happy that she helped me. I tried on a bigger size of the Incredible and it was a little bit of a struggle to get in and out of.
I ended up loving the way the VS Knockout Sports Bra fit so I exchanged the one I had for that one. 
The same cashier and manager were near the register and lets just say---things went a lot more smoothly this time.
I was very pleased with the way my second visit went! Check out the sports bra that I picked:

(available in 32 C-DD, 34-36 B-DDD, 38 C-DD)
  • Patent-pending click and zip front closure
  • Concealed wire for cushioned support
  • Adjustable padded straps 
  • Super-soft elastic band for comfort and movement
  • Maximum support/high impact

  "Our sport bras are designed to be true-to-size, which means you'll wear the same size sport bra as you do in lingerie" ---Victoria's Secret Sport

My Thoughts
This sports bra is amazing! It is by far the most comfortable, the most supportive, and the most flattering sports bra that I have ever owned. I love that it has a zipper front because I always seem to have issues with sports bras that I have to put over my big head or that clasp in the back. Oh my gosh, and taking those kinds off is a bit of a difficult and sometimes timely and painful process. With this one I can just unzip it! Also under the top layer is a wired bra that closes with a little clickable latch. I love this for the added support. 
The band around the bra is soft and it feels nice against my skin, not too tight, not too loose. I can wear it all day and I feel just fine.
I can run in it, dance in it, and workout in any way that I choose.
Love, Love, Love!
The straps are adjustable which is also another very nice thing.
The color is nice as well!
I cannot stop bragging about this bra. I can see why it is called the Knockout Sports Bra, because that's EXACTLY what it is. I'm very, very happy! 

The Knockout pants are the best too. So soft, and they feel supportive around my legs, not too tight, just right, like the Knockout Sports Bra.
I have been wearing this workout ensemble together pretty often. I can't help it--it is utterly fantastic. 
Best VoxBox yet.


Connect With Victoria Secret Sport

**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.**

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