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Protect Those Sheets and Pillows Too!

Did you just read my post about the Americare Vinyl Mattress Protector that I've been using?
Well, I was also given a pillow protector and sheet protector as well.
I added those onto my son's bed too. 

So, yes, I know I covered up the mattress with a mattress protector, but why not have extra protection on his sheet too?
This sheet protector works well on my son's bed. It covers up most of his twin mattress, which is perfect. 

You can see the thick layer of protection that this sheet protector provides. Works very well so that in case he has an accident it shouldn't soak past the protector.
I love that.
I also laid on it, just to see if it would cause any sort of discomfort, but no. I kind of like the really slight extra thickness it adds to the bed. 
Perfect for elderly beds, kids beds, cribs, and even pet bedding. 

Now this was something that I was very interested in trying out because my son tends to wake up with allergies every now and then. Itchy nose and throat, a little sneezing...
I always say it's probably due to the lint and whatever else is on his pillow. I do wash his pillow cases very often though.

 This pillow encasing is amazing. It is pretty thick and it has a zipper along one edge to really seal the pillow inside. It's allergist recommended and also protects from dust mites and bed bugs.
 Yes, I am also thrilled to have this because I have actually noticed a significant difference in the frequency of my son waking up with allergies. It has helped so much. 
Now, I just need to buy some of these for the rest of us in the house!

**Disclaimer: Since I am an avid blogger and product reviewer, I was sent these products complimentary, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.**

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