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No More Spider Lashes or Unruly Brows Thanks To My New Brow/Lash Kit

I love my eyelashes, and I love wearing mascara but a lot of the time I apply mascara and my lashes end up full of clumps, resulting in spider lashes. 
Not cute. Unless it's for Halloween??
Also, how about brows? I hate it when my brows are messy. It ruins the rest of makeup if my eyebrows are all out of place.

(I love the case. It is really cute and creative! I'm keeping it to store my brushes in.)

Company's Product Description
  • 4-in-2 tools
  • Groom messy eyebrows
  • De-clump and separate your eyelashes
  • Make your eyes look bigger

My Thoughts

 I was so excited to use my eyelash comb to see how well it would work. It doesn't make them look perfect, but it does help quite a bit. Way better than they did before. I think it would be better if the comb had skinnier "fingers" (I don't know what they're called, LOL) and they were a little closer together. This might make the combing out clumps easier and more effective. The other side is an eyebrow brush and works well too. 

I love the spoolie and angled brow brush for when I'm trying to groom my brows. Who wants bushy, unkempt brows? Not me. I like the spoolie side because I can brush all of the stray hairs into place and make sure they are all going the same direction. I also like the angled brush because I can use it to apply brow powder or even use it to apply eyeliner.
After using these two brushes, I feel like my makeup looks are finally complete!

I'm happy that both the brush and comb can be used in several different ways. Very good quality brushes!
I think that this is a great gift idea for your friends and family who love makeup and looking good!

**Disclaimer: I was sent a free Eyebrow and Lash Brush Kit in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.**

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