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Firmoo Glasses Review

I have been purchasing glasses from Firmoo for a couple of years now. 
They always have excellent low prices and very durable and fashionable glasses available.

Here is the latest pair of glasses that I purchased from them

Everything that came in my package: Glasses, free hard case, free cleaning cloth, free soft case

This is what the free hard case that came with it looks like

Company's Product Description

  • Delicate, but strong
  • Tough frame
  • Adjustable nose bridge and plastic covered temples for added comfort and personalized fit

 Side view

 View from the top

My Thoughts
Now, normally I get either plastic or metal framed glasses. Plastic sometimes end up feeling a little tight by the end of the day, and apply extra pressure on my temples so I ended up taking them off when I still need them. I decided to try something completely different this time, which is why I picked the rimless glasses.
I kept calling them my "Mrs. Claus" glasses because that's what they sort of remind me of. Haha.
But let me tell you something----
These are by far the most COMFORTABLE glasses I have ever owned in my entire life! I can wear them morning to night if I choose to and they don't add any kind of strain on my face. 
Yes, they are pretty delicate since they are rimless, but I've always been very careful with my previous pairs of glasses and haven't broken any. These I keep in the case when not wearing them.
Obviously I love the comfort of these glasses- it barely feels like I have anything on my face at all because they are SO light. I also love the fact that they don't have screws!
Do you know what a pain it is to have to either worry about losing a screw on your glasses or having to re-tighten them every so often. Ugh. Not fun, and yes sometimes I've ended up losing a screw that I didn't even know was loose.
Not with these.

So, all in all, I love the comfort, I can see perfectly in them, and the price was unbelievably cheap.
How often can you get a pair of prescribed glasses along with UV protection coating, anti-reflective glare coating, a free case, and cleaning cloth for under $50????? Or for under $100 for that matter?? And that also includes shipping! 

I know. It's amazing.

Interested?? It's their 5th anniversary by the way!
If you are looking to become a new member of Firmoo, you can also get your very first pair for FREE.  Don't like the free glasses available?? You can also use this special reader code to get 40% your purchase on any other lenses on the site!! 
Coupon Code: FIRMOO5Y

Worried about ordering because you don't know how the glasses will look on your face?? No problem. They have a virtual try on system on the site where you can upload a photo of yourself and try on any pair!
I do this every time I order my glasses and have never been disappointed.

They have so many different pairs to pick from. They have fashion lenses, sunglasses, computer glasses, cat eye glasses, vintage glasses, nerdy glasses, polarized glasses, and more. Available for men and women, both prescribed and non-prescribed.
Lowest prices I've found online for really great quality lenses.

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