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Elin Bianco Hair Mask Review

Okay, so when I use products in my hair, I like them to not only make my hair look and feel great, but I also want them to leave my hair smelling good. 
I can honestly say that so many of the products that I used to use on my hair regularly, did not smell good at all. They were also greasy, sticky, or just plain nasty.
Elin Bianco sent me this wonderful hair product for reviewing purposes a couple of weeks ago.

About Elin Bianco
What they believe: At Elin Bianco, we believe that every woman is entitled to have beautiful hair and all the confidence that comes with it. For this reason, we have developed a line of hair care products to out-shine all others.

Company Product Description
  • Promote manageable, soft, frizz-free hair
  • Clean, fresh scent, without feeling greasy
  • Enriched with 6 natural oils
  • Restore, repair, and revitalize all hair types
  • Natural UV filters
  • Lightweight on hair
  • Salon approved

The product that I received was the travel sized treatment mask. It is adorably feminine and light pink. I love the little container and yes it's little because it's travel sized. Perfect for slipping into your purse, suitcase, or whatever else you take with you when you travel. You gotta keep your hair looking nice when you're out on the road too!
Oh yeah, and not only is it incredibly cute, it smells like perfume. To me, it's like a floral/baby powder scent. It smells clean and sensual. 
I put it to the ultimate test though. I say this because sure, I've used products in the past that smelled good in the container and when put on my hair, but the second I rinsed it out, the scent went down the drain too. This treatment mask was unlike those other products. I was really impressed that my hair actually still smelled like this mask for a few days after it was rinsed out! Can you believe it? I had my husband and my mom saying they both loved the scent every time I walked into the room. Makes me feel good, girly, and confident because I know that I smell great.
And yes---it does make my curls look shiny, keeps it feeling moisturized and way less frizzy. After using it, I kind of feel like I just went a salon and got a deep treatment done. 

If you are interested in repairing those locks of yours and making them smell amazing, then don't forget to visit their shop online. They actually have several products available, such as shampoos/conditioners, hair perfume, and hair serum. They are all pretty and pink, just like the mask that I received and contain the same 6 natural oils as well. 

Connect with Elin Bianco

**Disclaimer: As an avid blogger/product tester, I was sent a complimentary hair mask from Elin Bianco, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.**

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