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Acure Organics Products Review

I've been trying to swap out several of the normal products that I use for products with less chemicals and parabens. 
Acure Organics sent me a variety of products to try out.

About Acure Organics

  • Family owned and operated company 
  • Natural and certified organic personal care products
  • Paraben free, no animal testing, phthlates, sulfates, harmful preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and no artificial colors

“I founded Acure Organics as a way to honor my grandmother, who battled breast cancer for over 10 years. I wanted to help raise money for breast cancer research and awareness while also providing healthy products that promote healthier living and a greener planet. We are proud to donate to Bright Pink and to help provide free mammograms to at risk women.”—Kristy Guerra 

Acure for your skin * Acure for the planet

This product contains chamomile, organic argan oil, organic pumpkin, rosehips, organic acai berry, and cell boosting argan stem cells, and more. It is both Vegan and gluten free, has antioxidants and fatty acids
My husband and I love the scent of this one. It's not an overpowering scent, it's nice, smooth, and yummy-smelling. I've always anything that smells like pumpkins though. And coconut too???? Heavenly.
I started craving pumpkin bread, and pumpkin spice coffee, and pumpkin pie...
Best of all, I am so happy that this product has so many great ingredients and less chemicals than most other washes that I've used. It's creamy and it leaves my skin smelling delicious and soft. 

Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner ($9.99 each)--
Let's start with the Triple Moisture Repairing Shampoo. It says it's for normal to dry/damaged/curly hair. Any time I see that a hair product has argan oil, I get really excited to try it out because argan oil is one of my favorite products to use in my hair. My curls thank me every time I use it. This particular shampoo has CoQ10, Omega 7, pumpkin seed oil, and more, which are all great for your health. Also, remember---it's paraben free!
To me, the scent of this shampoo is berry. In fact, looking at the back of the bottle, it sure does say acai berry, black berry, and it also has pomegranate. Great scent and leaves my hair clean and feeling good. Doesn't make my hair feel yucky like some other shampoos!
The Triple Moisture Repairing Conditioner contains most of the same ingredients, and smells similar, but not as strong. It is creamy and after leaving on my hair while I shower for at least 5-10 minutes, my hair is super soft, manageable, and light and feathery. I love a conditioner that can do that! 
These two products go hand in hand and are perfect for strengthening and repairing damaged hair. They both make my curls look good and healthy.
Must be the great ingredients and lack of parabens, sulfates, etc.

I wear makeup on most days so I'm always hoping to find a good facial cleanser that will get it super clean. This one can be used to remove both makeup and dirt. This one is supposed to actually activate new cell growth, making you look younger and feel better. I like the sound of that! I love products with Chlorella anything in them. I used to take Chlorella regularly for it's incredible health benefits.
This cleanser does help me get a squeaky clean face and it smells good too, with a non-artificial scent, by the way. It also doesn't dry out or irritate my skin and it leaves my face feeling moisturized and refreshed. Organic and paraben free. YAY! 

If you are a new reader, then you probably don't know this, but I'm pretty hooked on argan oil. I love to try different brands. Like I said a couple of paragraphs before this, I love to use argan oil in my hair the most. It is also fabulous for all skin types. Got dry skin? Not for long, if you start using some "liquid gold" (argan oil) on it. It will be nice and glowing too. 
It's both anti-inflammatory and has anti-swelling support. It can be used in so many different ways---on scars, sunburn, on your nails and cuticles, dry and frizzy hair, and on and on. Acure's argan oil is by far one of my favorites. It's very light weight on both my skin and hair and I have been using it practically every day! My bottle will be completely out before I know it....but it's just so good!

Lip Lush ($7.99)-
I wear lipstick occasionally, but I'm more of a lip gloss kind of girl. The only thing that I hate is that after wearing most of my glosses, they tend to disappear off my lips, feel sticky, taste disgusting, or cake up in the corners (yuck). 
I was looking forward to trying this because it has both argan oil (YAY), echinacea stem cell, castor oil, beeswax, and cocoa seed butter in it. It says it's supposed to plump and protect too. 
I don't like to wear bright or intense colors since they don't really seem to match my skin tone. 
This shade is called Date Worthy. It looked like a pretty color in the tube. I read that the color actually comes from mineral pigments.
I put it on my lips and the color was a little more dark than I personally like to wear, but they do have other shades available that I should try. It's not a bad color at all. It just doesn't match me.This lip lush also doesn't smell gross like so many other lip glosses. It doesn't really taste like anything either. Also, it doesn't feel too sticky and it makes my lips feel smooth and soothed. I do like that. It doesn't plump them up though, which I wish it did, since I have pretty skinny lips. 

I'm very happy that I found about Acure Organics because I was very pleased with the products that I tried out. I plan on purchasing future products since I also think that they are worth their price.


**Disclaimer: As an avid product reviewer and blogger, Acure Organics sent me these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions that are stated here are 100% my own and in no way influenced.**

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