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The Doppler Affect Giveaway!! 8/15/14-8/19/14!

Title: The Doppler Affect

Author: Dr. Shawn Phillips

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Audience: Adult/Mature


Shapeshifters Control Our Lives!

Doppelgangers, or dopplers, have hidden within the folds of humainity for countless centuries. Now, their exposure and humankind's survival lie within a single family's bloodline. Will the doppler society swiftly ascend to the pinnacle of the food chain, or will there be a WWIII? 

It's a great book!
Guess what???
He's having a giveaway!
Everyone can get a FREE Kindle copy of The Doppler Affect

Don't have a Kindle? Don't worry! There is a FREE Kindle app available for all smart phones, android devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and you can download onto your computer as well.

Make sure to mark your calenders so you won't miss out on getting your FREE copy!
You will be able to download a copy here on Amazon between 8/15/14-8/19/14! (FRI-TUES)

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