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The Amazing Miracle Cleanse Review

Even though I eat pretty healthy and rarely indulge in sweets, over fattening desserts, too much sugar, or red meat, sometimes I still like to do a cleanse. Detoxing helps me get rid of all of the unnecessary toxins that still find their way into my body. Well, I was sent a free bottle of The Amazing Miracle Cleanse from Green Tea Life Sciences, in exchange for an honest review. 

Company's Product Description
  • Premier colon cleanse and detox plus weight loss
  • All natural, gentle, and safe colon health and detox program
  • 2 caps a day for 2 wks (30 capsules)
  • People who suffer from chronic fatigue, gas, constipation, difficulty sleeping, diarrhea, bloating, acid reflux, low energy, skin problems, flabby tummy, and more, can benefit from these
  • Get bulge free with this natural colon cleanse
  • Maintains regularity, prevents constipation, increases the body's absorption of vitamins and nutrients, and more
  • Provides results within 12 to 24 hrs as far as helping rid the intestinal tract of excess waste
  • May provide several pounds of weight loss within a few days
  • Contains effective natural laxatives, fiber, and herbs which help soothe the intestinal lining and Acidophilus to help promote healthy bacteria levels in the intestinal tract

(Do not use beyond the 15 day cleanse period without waiting at least 6-8 weeks following initial cleanse)

My Thoughts

These capsules are not too big, nor are they hard to swallow. You can take up to two each day for 15 days if you want to do the 15 day cleanse. I took one a day since I am under 5 ft tall and have an average weight. 

I'm glad all I took was one a day because just the one capsule worked pretty well. They work fast. I will spare you most of the TMI details, but when I first started taking them (the first two days), I did get some stomach cramping, but I think it was just the capsules working to get all of the excess weight out of my system. I had gone to a buffet...I'm not going to lie...
I didn't eat a whole bunch of junk but I did eat a lot of food, and not all of it was as healthy as I normally eat.
The cramping wasn't too bad, nor did it last too long. It happened a few times during that first and second day and then not after. I continued to take them for 7 days. I noticed that throughout that week, not only was I feeling more alert, less sluggish, and less cranky. I also noticed that I had surely dropped a few pounds. I also didn't feel nearly as bloated as I tend to get sometimes. 
What I like the most is that these capsules have natural ingredients as well as Acidophillus. I love Acidophillus--I take it regularly to increase the healthy bacteria in my gut! It's great.
I didn't do the 15 day cleanse yet but since these capsules do appear to work well for me, I will be doing the 15 day cleanse in a few weeks. 
Recommend? Yes--you'd be surprised at how different and better you can feel after completing a cleanse or detox!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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