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Shandali Hot Yoga Microfiber Towel

Shandali makes some really great towels. Not too long ago they sent me their Hot Yoga Microfiber Towel.

I received the pink one (I love pink towels)
They also have other colors available 

 Company's Product Description

  • Mat-sized
  • Microfiber
  • Super absorbent
  • Anti-slip
  • 24" x 72"
  • Best Bikram Yoga Towel
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Mat stays dry when towel is used on top of
  • Soaks up more sweat and moisture than any other yoga towel. Just hang and dry
  • Versatile enough to use at yoga, pool, gym, beach, and more

My Thoughts

This is what my towel looks like when stretched out. It's pretty long. My mat fits perfectly underneath it when I'm doing yoga or sitting down to meditate.

This towel is great. I love the material because it feels so nice and soft under my feet.
It great for on top of the yoga mat because it not only makes my mat feel a bit more comfy during yoga, it also keeps my feet from sliding and it makes things a bit more hygienic. I can simply throw this towel in the washer after a sweaty yoga session.
I can also take it to the gym to wipe up my sweat.

I was happy to try this particular one out because I have a smaller one that I love so much.
The material used in this yoga towel is different from regular towels. It dries quicker and is more gentle. When I say more gentle, I mean that for instance, when I use regular towels on my hair- they cause my hair to get extremely frizzy and unruly and a mess.
I really love to use the Shandali Microfiber towels instead because they not only make my hair dry faster, but they also trap in the moisture in my hair and keep it from getting frizzy! So great.

It can also be used as a beach towel because it's pretty big!
Wonderful product that I am very happy with.

Buy on Amazon!-- as of right now they are $29.95.

You can also visit Shandali's website for more information on their products.


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