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Purple Prairie Botanicals Soaps Review

I love essential oil based soaps. I was really happy when I received a free batch of soaps from Purple Prairie Botanicals. They sent me 7 different sample bars.

Company's Product Details
  • All products are made with the finest nurturing, safe and organic ingredients
  • Combined with herbal infusions and essential oils
  • All products are free from petroleum, parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes and fragrances, phthalates, artificial preservatives, animal ingredients, gluten, GMOs, and detergents
  • Hand crafted
  • Cruelty-free
  • All soap bars are 100% natural

"This soap is made with the finest natural oils using the artisan cold process method. This method produces a bar that retains its natural glycerin, quenches dry scalp/skin and offers a gentle, creamy lather.  
Your skin will feel the difference-guaranteed" (written on the backs of the labels on each of the soaps that I received)

My Thoughts

Tea Tree (Facial Cleansing Bar)
I love Tea Tree Oil. In fact, I recently wrote a post about how much I love it. Now, normally I'm used to smelling a really strong scent but that's because I use the essential oil. This soap does smell like Tea Tree Oil but the scent is toned down. Most likely because of the other ingredients added in. I love that because although I do love to use it in oil form, sometimes the scent of the oil can be a bit much to handle by itself. 
I love to use Tea Tree Oil on my face and am happy that this is a facial cleansing bar. Makes my skin feel clean and thanks to the Tea Tree Oil in it, it should also help keep my complexion pretty clear.  Tea Tree Oil works wonders for a ton of skin issues!
You know, I even decided to use it on my body for razor burn and acne. I've only been using it for a few days and I can already see and feel a huge difference. Awesome.

Frankincense & Myrrh (Sacred and Meditative)
I used to buy Frankincense scented incense all the time when I was younger. The scent is so nice. It does say sacred and meditative on it and what's funny about that is while I don't meditate as much as I did in the past, when I did meditate, frankincense was one of the scents I would light to help me relax more. The scent of this soap is not too strong and not too light. It is perfect. Love it.

Patchouli Vanilla (Warming, Calming, Sensual)
This soap actually reminds me of my mom simply because she has always said that Patchouli is one of her favorite scents. This soap has just the right blend of Patchouli and Vanilla. It really is "warming". Smells nice, a smooth, romantic smell. Perfect to use before date night?? :) It makes my skin smell really nice and my skin also feels very soft. 

Lavender (Calming, Purifying, Probiotic)
Smells great. I've always been a HUGE fan of anything lavender scented and believe me this one's scent does not disappoint. This is actually one of my favorites out of all the soaps. The lavender scent soothes me and makes me feel relaxed. I think this would be perfect for an evening bath before going to bed or when feeling under the weather and needing something to soothe the body.

Minnesota Mint (Cooling Body Bar)
This green soap reminds me of Winterfresh gum, the scent I mean. I like the smell of mint. It's a refreshing pick-me-up. I could see this being great in the mornings to wake me up or during the summer when I want to feel cooled down a bit.
I put this soap in one of my bathrooms and have been washing my hands with it. It not only makes my hand feel nice and clean, but it also makes both my hands and my bathroom smell nice and minty!

Ginger Clove (Invigorating Goodness)
This is both my favorite and my husband's favorite out of all the soaps that I received. It is one of the strongest out of them all, in our opinion. I can smell both the ginger and the clove in it. It reminds me of gingerbread tea---yes there's such a thing. It's seasonal and I drink it toward Christmas time when I can find it. Smells so good with it's spicy/herbal aroma. Love, love, love.

Prairie Baby (Naturally Unscented)
As the description says, this one is unscented. Sometimes unscented is better for some people with sensitive skin or who just don't like scented soaps. Occasionally I like to use unscented soaps, lathered up with some plain exfoliating dead sea salt and cleanse my body or face with it. This soap is great and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. 

I really love all of these soaps. They are great on my skin. I'm wondering if they would be okay to use on my hair as well? I mean I know that they sell shampoo bars too, but some of these scents would be perfect in my hair! 
What I love the most about these soaps is that they are all natural. I am really, really trying to use more all natural products these days. These soaps are all wonderful. Also, there are also several other products besides soap that are available on their website. Their prices are also extremely reasonable!

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**Dislaimer: I received these products for free from Purple Prairie Botanicals in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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