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Mega Mesh Magnetic Screen Door Review

I have tried magnetic screen doors before and I could never find one that would fit my mom's door frame. She has a slightly larger than average old door.
I was given the opportunity to try the Mega Mesh Magnetic Screen and was anxious to see if it would fit.

 Company's Product Description

  • Has strong magnets sewn in, providing seamless automatic closure
  • High quality micro mesh that can keep the smallest bugs out
  • Easy install bug screens can stay up and withstand heavy traffic
  • Great for use in RVs
  • Effective for pest control
  • Fits easily where swing doors can't fit
  • Magnetic hands-free entry
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with push-pins as well
  • Pet friendly access
  • Low-cost way to economically cool your home
  • Protection for your family from invading insects

My Thoughts

Everything that came in the bag--instructions, magnetic screens, velcro strips, push pins

This what the screen looked like when layed out on the floor

This is where the velcro strips attach too

You simply have to remove the white backing of the strips and install onto your door frame

End result! Bye bye bugs!!

Anyhow, this one fit a lot better than some others. It was not too difficult to install, except for the fact that I have OCD and I kept trying to adjust it to be perfectly aligned on the door frame. 
I attached the velcro which stayed on pretty well, but then, my fault, not the company's---I noticed how crooked it was on one side and had to remove it, making the velcro stick a lot less. I used a few of the push pins that came to hold it in place better and that didn't go so well. They weren't all holding and I smashed a bunch of the nails, making them useless. I had a few left and finally managed to get those to hold it up. I ended up adding a few tiny nails that I had around the house to keep it in place better.
As for quality of the screen--it appears to be very durable and good quality mesh. Very strong velcro, unless you remove it and try to replace it more than once. Follow the directions correctly and you really shouldn't have a problem. Don't pull it off like I did. Also if you do mess up the velcro, you can always buy additional velcro strips at a craft store or Walmart...
My family really likes the screen because it does work well for keeping bugs out and it is easy to walk in and out, through the middle. We all love how it closes automatically, magnetically. Very cool. 
I do like this screen. I like what it's supposed to do, I like the magnets, I like the mesh. The length was just a little long though and the door tacks that came along with were not the best. You can always use upholstery tacks/nails if you really want to hold it place as well.

I could see this as something that would work great for a back door, patio door, on a small screen door, or even just in an empty door frame where you would like at least a tiny bit of separation from another area of the house.
Perfect for when you're having a barbecue, playing with the kiddos outside, or during a yard sale too!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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