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Kids Academy Apps Review

Do your little ones like playing games on your iPhone or iPad? If so, are the games that they're playing educational? 
Since my son was younger, he was always trying to play games on his tablet and on my phone and it's always been pretty important to me to keep track of the types of games that he is playing. There are a ton of games out there that are inappropriate for young children with adult situations and violence too. Luckily, the folks at Kids Academy have quite a few available that are not only violence free, but they're also educational and fun!

The first app that we were given the opportunity to try out was called 

Company's App Description
  • Teaches them how to write upper and lowercase letters
  • Left hand and right hand modes
  • Kids are encouraged/praised at each end of a learning stage
  • 2 levels of difficulty
  • Trace a letter w/ hints
  • Learn how to write independently
  • Kid's learn age-appropriate vocabulary and how to sound out letters
  • Clear voice instructions

This app is perfect for younger children, I'd say preferably under the age of 5 because it has a lot of things that kids above this age might already know. My son found this to be a bit too easy but that's because he's already 6. He liked this sort of stuff when he was younger though.
It has very cute, brightly colored graphics and sounds that are definitely entertaining to kids.
Kids will learn how to trace upper and lower case letters, which also helps them with their motor skills and development. I like that it praises the kids after each learning lesson.
Easy to use and fun.
The next app we tried was 

Company's App Description
  • Curriculum developed and reviewed by an education expert
  • Frequent repetitions designed to help young children learn numbers and their sequence
  • Animated flashcards to teach your children letters and words
  • Aligned to Kindergarten Reading foundation skills of common core standards
  • Kids can interact at their own pace

This app was a nice app for kids as well. Again, colorful, entertaining music, characters, and images. Great tool for teaching kids their numbers. This one is wonderful for kids in preschool and kindergarten, older kids may be bored because of how easy it is. 
I really like that it is "curriculum developed and reviewed by an educational expert"--I think that is pretty important, since the educational expert should have a good idea of exactly what kids around this grade level should be learning. 

The last app that we tried was called

Company's App Description
  • Makes learning numbers a blast
  • Kid friendly navigation
  • Kid tested appropriate game
  • Fun surprises and verbal encouragement
  • Rich, exploratory environment filled with surprises

This app is also great for younger children. It is extremely easy to navigate through. The music, graphics, and animations are perfect at keeping a young child's attention. They will be learning how to write their numbers in no time! They will also enjoy it since they can collect fireflies as a reward. Not really a game for kids above preschool/kindergarten level.

All three of these apps are so great for little kids. I was only able to view what the free versions for each of these apps were, but they were a good preview as to what the rest of the activities in each app would be like. I can see these as a great addition to any preschool/kindergarten homeschooling program and even good for kids who are in traditional schooling as well.
Like I stated above, one of the best things about Kids Academy Apps is the fact that they are non-violent and 10% kid friendly. They are simply making learning a billion times more fun for your kiddos.

These apps are available in the iTunes appstore and some of their apps are available in the Amazon App store as well. 

**Disclaimer: Although I did receive compensation for this review, all of the opinions that I expressed here are 100% my own.**

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