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Huge Giveaway this Friday 8/29/14!

I found this really great giveaway on one of the blogs that I follow and I would love for all of my readers to know about it too!

two words. white hot  || The 9 Best Outfits We've Seen In A LONG Time via @WhoWhatWear

Hi my beautiful bloggers out there!

To be honest when I started blogging I did it because I have been wanting to write, encourage women all over the world and make them feel you are special and beautiful in your own way.. I have been having so much love that I need to thank all of you for that. So Today I am celebrating my 100th post, reaching the most amount of views since I started blogging and also the fact that I have received the best response from you.
I am doing a Fashion Giveaway for this Friday 29th.

I will be  selecting one of my followers and the only thing you have to do is reblog this post and follow me.

To the winner:

I will be sending the winner an outfit, makeup goodies, accessories and a special mention on my blog so all my followers can follow you as well.

Sponsored by:

FYI. I will be gathering the size of my winner to make sure whoever is the winner can have a size that will fit her!!

So please REBLOG and FOLLOW, I appreciate your support.

Love Always,

I am reblogging this from another blog: Fernandas Choice

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