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DownBeats High Fidelity Hearing Protectors Review

I have super sensitive ears. I can not only hear a pin drop, but I can hear it drop four houses away, onto a soft carpet...
Yeah, okay, I'm kidding, kind of.
So, maybe I'm strange, but I have this hearing issue. No, not that I can't hear things---actually, I hear things a lot louder than most people. It's a bit of a struggle, every day. I have severe Mysphonia and normal low sounds that wouldn't bother most people, bother me A LOT. Also, sounds that do tend to bother people, bother me even more! The most annoying thing is that when I try to block sounds out, then it's all I can focus on and it gets louder! Choosing to use assistive listening devices can help with everyday listening and whatever the devices you use are, they are designed purely to help. With the right hearing help, you can keep your ears protected.

I was sent a free pair of Down Beats High Fidelity Hearing Protectors to review.
I tore open that package and popped them into my ears.

Product Details (according to company)
  • Low profile
  • 18dB Reduction
  • Reusable
  • Better Conversation
  • Deliver a pristine, balanced sonic experience without the painful highs and lows, distracting background noise or sonic hangover later
  • Come in a durable anodized aluminum case
DownBeats cut down the damaging noise you don't want to hear while keeping--and clarifying--the great sounds and grooves you do. You'll still hear it all--just crisper, cleaner and without that painful ringing later.

They come in a few different colors-black, blue, and purple. I was sent the purple ones. Pretty color!

My Thoughts on This Product
I've worn ear plugs before. They were the soft kind that you can squish and stick in your ears though. Those are okay, but I feel like those aren't always too comfy in my ears because of how much they expand. They also don't always block out the sound as much as I would like.
DownBeats Hearing Protectors are made differently. They're more like the earphones that I listen to music with on my phone. They are a bit strange looking, like double earphones stacked on top of each other, as you can see in the photo above.

They are easy to clean and easy to put into your ears. And, yes the block out the sounds pretty well. So well, that when I talk with them in my ears, I can't tell whether I'm screaming or whispering. Haha. I wore them out several times and tried talking to people only to be told that they couldn't hear what I was saying. Oops.
So, I leave one in and take the other out and then talk. Conversation over, then I pop the missing plug back in.

I love that these come with a case and that they can easily be attached to my keys so that I can take them with me wherever I go.

When do I wear them?
Now, am I crazy to be wearing ear plugs when I'm out and about? Well, sure, if I were driving, but I wouldn't do that.
I wear them especially when we're out eating at a restaurant, because the sounds of chewing and lips smacking and slurping will drive me insane. Too many people doing it at once and waaaay too loud. 
We go to kid's play places with our son and I wear these ear plugs too, because those places can get extremely loud and when I don't wear them, I find myself wanting to run out of the building sometimes because my ears will start to hurt.

I also wear my Downbeats at home a lot of the time, because although we live in a big house, there are 5 of us under one roof. The sounds of daily life---nail biting, knuckles cracking, clock ticking, t.v. blaring, music playing, people slurping or chewing loudly, people tapping on things, people constantly closing doors, several different people talking at once, microwave beeping, video games playing, the list is never ending.

Living with me has not always been easy. Sometimes the sounds around me are amplified so much that I feel like I'm going to puke. I'm serious. I'll freeze up or leave the room. It's very frustrating for both me and whoever I live with.
People sometimes think that I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. I wish I didn't hear noises as loud as I do, but I can't help it!

(By the way, these hearing protectors are excellent for concerts or loud workplaces/environments. They make the loudest noises easier to tolerate. They make the quieter sounds almost non-existent.)

DownBeats, I have to thank you for making my days and nights just a little bit easier for me to function!

Want to know more about DownBeats? You can connect with them below

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post and may contain affiliate links. 


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