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Black Magic Woman by Eric Wilder Book Review

Got finished reading another book. I love how often I get to read new books! So much fun. 

Title: Black Magic Woman (French Quarter Mystery #4)
Author: Eric Wilder
Genre: Paranormal
Burdened by spring floods, malaria and yellow fever, citizens of New Orleans often turned to voodoo practitioners-African Rosalie, Sanite Dede, Bras Coupe-for protection. None was more powerful, or feared, than Doctor John or Marie Laveau. After P.I. Wyatt Thomas encounters a ghost during a hospital visit, he tells the story to his sometimes business partner, voodoo mambo Mama Mulate. She puts him in a trance and channels the ghost, soon learning a curse connects him and a long-dead French aristocrat. They are doomed to remain connected forever, unless Wyatt can return to old New Orleans and lift the curse before midnight on New Year's Eve.

My Thoughts
I've been to Louisiana a few times, mainly New Orleans and Baton Rouge. It was always dark and grey when I was there. The weather was either really cold or it would rain, and when I say rain, I mean it would pour.
Driving over huge areas of water constantly and on high bridges was never comforting either. 
One thing that I've always noticed while there; a feeling that there's something mystical there, something supernatural.
Agent Wyatt, a private investigator, is visited by a spirit who he later realizes is connected to him through a curse. Wyatt doesn't recognize the spirit, nor does he know anything about this "curse".
He enlists the help of a voodoo lady who he is close too, along with a few other characters, and ends up traveling to a place he never imagined he'd go. He finally discovers the truth behind the curse and his haunting and then must find a way to break it, before the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve.

I enjoyed reading this book, especially because it falls right into one of my favorite genres. Spirits, voodoo, past lives, curses, music,-- you catch my drift---everything I would consider to come out of the parts of Louisiana that I've been to. By the way, my husband and I have had some really strange experiences there with what we believe had to have been spirits/ paranormal activity...
The story line was pretty good. It kept me very entertained. I love the characters--there are some really quirky ones. Mama Mulate, his voodoo mambo buddy, was actually one of my favorites. The author's writing flow was great and so was his imagery. I kept feeling like I was back in New Orleans again.

The book overall, was funny, there was suspense, there were surprises, and a decent ending, which I will not ruin.
I really would love to read the other books in the French Quarter Mystery Series.

About The Author
Born near Black Bayou in Louisiana, Eric grew up listening to his grandmothers' tales of ghosts, voodoo, and political corruption. The author of seven novels, he now lives in Oklahoma, near Route 66, with wife Marilyn.

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**Disclaimer: I was sent a complimentary copy of Black Magic Woman from Eric Wilder in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.**

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