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VoilaVe Argan Oil Review

Argan Oil is my current obsession when it comes to products that I prefer to use on my hair. Whether I'm straightening my hair or leaving it curly, I like to add a few drops for the best results. I was sent a bottle of VoilaVe Argan Oil to try out a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to use it!

Product Description (as stated by company)
  • 100% pure and organic ECO certified 
  • Only 1 ingredient- 100% Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Cold pressed and unrefined
  • Can be used on face, nails, hair, other skin areas
  • Use on dry, brittle hair
  • Can condition, nourish, and maintain healthy skin tone
  • Deep skin hydration
  • Can use for Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, sunburn, stretch marks, wrinkles and more
  • Use on yellow, brittle nails
  • 365 day hassle free money back guarantee if you're not satisfied

My Thoughts on VoilaVe Argan Oil
This product came in a big 4 fl oz dark brown glass bottle with a pump top. The dark brown glass helps keep light out but I still store my in a cool, dark place for an even longer lifespan of the product. I like the pump top because you can pump out a little amount at a time, and you really don't need to use more than a couple of drops.
    I normally leave my hair curly and natural, but I wanted to see how this particular product would make my hair look when straightened. This is how it turned out. It brought out multiple tones in my hair, made it look smoother and more shiny. It felt softer and healthier after using this oil for a few weeks.

    This product is wonderful. I like to put it on my hair when damp, straight out of the shower, for best results. I rub it in the palms of my hand for a minute until it's warm and then I massage it into my hair, focusing a lot on the tips. (Works wonders for breakage and split ends, by the way).
    The picture above shows it on my straightened hair, but it also makes my curls look gorgeous. It adds a ton of body and shine, makes my curls bouncy and soft. I love it so much.
    My hair has not been this healthy in years. 
    I have tried it on my nails and it works well too. I just prefer to use VoilaVe Rosehip Oil on them to make them look their best.

    Very much recommended!

    You can purchase bottle of this liquid gold on Amazon or check out the rest of the VoilaVe product line.

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    **Disclaimer: I was sent a free bottle in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are 100% my own**

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