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Spooky Eyes Leopard Blue Contact Lens Review

I've been wearing contact lenses for about 16 years now! Yes, a long time, I know. So, I know a thing or two about contacts...
I have done a few reviews on all kinds of soft lenses, both disposable and daily wear. I've tried circle lenses, clear lenses, colored, and crazy lenses too. I was recently so happy to receive a free pair of contacts from Spooky Eyes. They let me pick the pair so I decided on a pair of Leopard Blue lenses.

About the Product

Base Curve: 8.6
Size: 14.5 mm
Brand: Dream Eyes
Lens Color: Blue Leopard
Water Content: 42%
Lifespan: Up to 4 yrs when unopened
12 months when opened
FDA approved
Suitable for all eye colors
Non-prescription/ PLANO--These are cosmetic lenses, meant to alter the appearance, not correct vision.

What the company had to say about these particular lenses
Give in to your wild side with our Leopard Blue Contact Lenses. These amazing contacts combine graduated ice-blue with a classic leopard print design. They blend with your natural eye color and have a black outline for instant drama. These contact lenses light up your look and look great on all eye colors.

My Thoughts
Here are some pics of me wearing my uniquely beautiful contact lenses. This should give you an idea of what they really look like when worn. I have medium, honey brown eyes.

 Lens on left eye, no lens on right

This is my normal eye, with no lens, bright lighting, with mascara and eyeliner

This is the Leopard Blue lens when worn, in bright lighting, with mascara and eyeliner

Here is the lens in front of a window, with daylight streaming in, without mascara, but with eyeliner

Here is my eye, with the lens in, from another angle, without mascara, but with eyeliner

Different lighting, no mascara, yes eyeliner

Here they are in both eyes, in bright lighting, with no mascara on, but yes eyeliner

I really like these leopard blue lenses. They remind very much of the Asian Circle Lenses that I wear on a regular basis.
Comfort: Very comfortable, I can wear them for hours without them drying out. My eyes stay well hydrated. (Many times colored lenses tend to dry my eyes out--not the issue with these!)
I haven't had a single issue with them. In fact, they're actually a lot more comfortable than my clear, prescribed lenses that I normally wear! Wow.
Size: Love the big size. Well, I have big eyes, so they fit my eyes well, without being too scary looking
Color: Beautiful blue color. Very deep and dark. I love the unique leopard design on them as well. I like that they show up on my eyes, although I do think that would be even pretty if they were a more pale color...

Spooky Eyes has a ton of other lenses to pick from, ranging from natural colors, sparkle, party lenses, and even Halloween lenses. I think so many of their lenses are gorgeous!
Their prices are also extremely reasonable.
I am very happy with my pair even though they are Plano (no prescription). They are great for photos and I can wear my glasses over them if I need to see better.
I would love to own several more pairs of Spooky Eyes contact lenses and I will definitely be spreading the word with everyone that I know!

You can visit their website to view all of their lenses that they have available. 

Guess what??? Giveaway coming soon! I will post it up as it gets closer to the date :)

Connect with Spooky Eyes

**Disclaimer: I was sent a free pair of lenses in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own, and in no way influenced.**

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